ASL, ‘The Language Without Words’

American Sign Language, an upcoming foreign language course.

ASL, The Language Without Words

American Sign Language (ASL) is on the course cards for next academic year (2023-2024) at Wesley Chapel High.  Ms. Allison Washburn, will be the instructor of this new course offering.

The language spoken through hand signs and expressions, ASL is usually used for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. ASL is commonly used in the US, Canada, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. There are many different types of sign language, though, each different in its own way. Surprisingly, this means there is no universal language for sign language. Therefore, many people have created sign language to fit their country and/or area.  

Although ASL seems like just another language to learn, it has unique attributes in many ways. ASL is considered a foreign language. In fact, most colleges in the US accept ASL as a foreign language requirement.  For the full list of colleges click here.  

According to the article “Why You Should Learn Sign Language” by Debbie Clason, states, “When someone you love can’t hear, ASL is a great way to communicate in a rich, meaningful way. It’s also the best way to develop awareness and sensitivity to the Deaf culture, a community of non-hearing individuals which number more than one million in the United States alone.”

In addition to fulfilling a foreign language requirement,  ASL also looks good on a job or college application. “A lot of businesses are looking to hire people who know ASL to help their deaf customers. Knowing ASL can help your resume stand out. ASL is a beautiful and fun language that everyone should learn,” explains Mrs. Washburn . This explains the attributes and the way Sign Language can possibly change the way someone can think and learn overall in the community.

ASL is not just another language to learn. It’s a way to connect us to those who are hard of hearing.

ASL can change the community of Wesley Chapel, it can be a terrific way for new connections with the community to occur and looks good on college applications.