WCHS National Signing Day


What is National signing day?

“National Signing Day has traditionally been the first day that a high school senior can sign a binding National Letter of Intent for a collegiate sport with a school that is a member of the United States National Collegiate Athletic Association.” Wikipedia.org states. In other words, National signing day is where a senior student can sign with a college sports team, with an agreement to play for the college for at least one school year.

What do the athletes get in return?

Athletes are guaranteed athletic financial aid in exchange for their position to play for a certain college. This means that student-athletes can take classes on campus without experiencing problems with paying student-debt or any other issues regarding any other expenses. According to Bankrate.com, “60 percent of American families used scholarships to pay for college.” In addition to this information, Forbes.com explains,”Only about 1 in 8 college students wins a scholarship, and the average amount used to pay for college is about $4,200 a year.” This shows that it is quite difficult to earn a scholarship, and students who do so are in fact, very talented.

When and where

National signing day at WCHS will be held Wednesday, February 1, 2023, from 12:45-1:30PM in the gymnasium. It would be a great pleasure for those to come join and celebrate the achievements of our wildcat athletes. Those can only attend the presentation by invitation only. Professional dress or school related attire is requested to be worn.