Beauty Trends Come and Go, but Which Ones will come to Light in 2023?

Jane Fonda and the trendy 70s fringe hairstyle

Jane Fonda and the trendy 70s fringe hairstyle

Trends are something that come and go quite often. However, trends in the beauty industry are the ones that come and go like wildfire. From the matte skin and frosty blue eyeshadow of the 90s. To thin brows and low-waisted jeans of the early 2000s. To now the slicked back hair and dewy skin of 2020. They are constantly changing yet people still follow them left and right. The new year of 2023 is bound to bring new trends to light. So, what will they be?  

  1. Y2K 

Y2K stands for “the year 2000”. The early 2000s were indeed a huge evolution for beauty, and fashion especially. Some of the closet staples in this era consisted of velvet tracksuits, low-waisted jeans, denim jackets, chunky boots, and anything metallic and bright. Some of the fashion icons of this era were people like Brittany Spears, Paris Hitlon, and Christina Aguilera. Whom were all seen to be wearing things like miniskirts, pink and metallic colors, or bold hoop earrings. Movies such as Mean Girls, Clueless, and Legally Blonde also played a huge role in making Y2K trendy everywhere. This style also consists of shimmery, futuristic makeup looks “I feel that the way the younger generation is reinterpreting the era is through its colors and textures: metallics, glitter, and an array of pastels you see reflecting off of a CD,” says makeup artist Marcelo Gutierrez in the Vogue article “The 9 Biggest Beauty Trends for 2023”. Y2K was an evolutionary era for the beauty industry and is still making its way into our heads for 2023.  

  1. Matte Skin

    Matte foundation

Matte skin has been dying out these past few years. Especially with the rise of the new dewy skin trend that seemed to rise because of the social media app TikTok. Most people associate a matte base with being dry or cakey and unflattering on the skin. However, a matte base has been none of the such the past few years. “The new matte is fresh and velvety. Not overly dry or opaque, which is the thing of the past.” Says an article by ELLE Beauty. Along with this, we have also been seeing a rise in matte bases on models in places such as runway shows or red-carpet events. Many people have also criticized the dewy makeup look saying it looks sweaty and uncomplimentary on their skin, as it may bring out any skin texture that people don’t want to accentuate. So, with the rise of people now agreeing that matte is more flattering on the skin, it is bound that a matte base will become a staple in 2023 makeup trends.  

  1. 70s Hair 

Moving back towards the more nostalgic trends making a comeback, 70s hair is most definitely reappearing. The poofy voluminous hair of the 70s was a major staple for many people back in the day. However, it also seems to be reappearing these past few months. “More textures, with the shaggy choppy layered look, lots of layers to create that feathered look and even grungy layers with wispy curtain bangs (more of that shag look),” says celebrity hairstylist, Kim Kimble. We all know that bangs, layers, and more wispy hair styles have been coming back to light, however lately people are pairing the three and bringing back the full, wispy hair that the 70s presented.  

  1. Thin Eyebrows 

Regarding this, thin and high-arched eyebrows had originally become a trend in the 1920s and have still transferred to this day. Even though more natural full eyebrows have been taking over the beauty community, with the rise in Y2K not only fashion trends from that era will resurface, but beauty trends as well. Even though thin brows became a trend at first in the 1920s. They most certainly transferred into the early 200s. People are starting to Favour thinner brows, much to the dismay of all the people who saw this trend the first time around and had terrible trouble trying to grow them back.” Says Laurretta Power, head of artistry at Benefit Cosmetics. “Gen Z are obsessed with Nineties and Noughties films, music and fashion, and make-up looks from the decades are going crazy on TikTok”.  

  1. Doe-Eyes 

Here is a trend that most people have never really thought would ever be a trend. However, the doe-eyed look had been recently blowing up on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Even official makeup brands have dedicated whole articles on how to achieve this big, bright-eyed look, such as L’oreal Paris. “The doe eye trend is a rounded, wide-eyed look that gives the illusion of bigger eyes,” explains celebrity makeup artist Moani Lee, who has worked with countless celebrities trying to achieve this look. “Instead of an elongated cat-eye shape embraced by the siren eye, one can choose to skip eyeliner altogether for a more natural look or wear eyeliner along the lash line, thicker in the center followed by a gentle flick for a bit more drama.” With the history of more cat-eyed makeup trends, I feel that 2023 will bring on a much different type of eye look. Hence the new doe–eyed trend.  

  To conclude, the beauty industry is constantly coming out with new products, fashion pieces, and trends to try out. They could be brand new and never heard or seen before, or older trends that will always resurface one way or another.