Ricky O’Dette Gets Signed to Lake-Sumter


Ricky O’Dette is a senior here at Wesley Chapel High School. Ricky is one of the incredible baseball players on our varsity team. He is considered a utility player, which means he can play anywhere. He has played pitcher, first and second base and left and right field. His remarkable talent and passion for the sport claimed him a spot at Lake-Sumter State College. 

Ricky O’Dette was signed on November 2nd 2022. Ricky decided Lake-Sumter was where he wanted to go. He says, “The coach is a really nice guy and it was a good fit for me… It fits the way I play.”  In addition to playing playing ball there, he explained that Lake-Sumter has a great sports management program.  

Studying sports management, is a good fit for Ricky due to his love of sports and business. In fact, Ricky has a successful part-time lawn mowing business he runs.  Odette explains, ” I use time management skills to be successful,'” he elaborated, ” I know what days I have practice, school and work.” He uses this strength for success on and off the field.

Originally from Indiana, Ricky began playing t-ball, where you hit the ball of the T. Then he went to machine pitch, where you hit the ball of the pitching machine. Then he had to drive an hour to play kid pitch, which is “traditional baseball” because there were no opportunities closer to his home. Even at a young age he was committed to the game.

Things changed for Ricky when he moved to Florida in 7th grade. The transition was not an easy one. Ricky elaborated, “I didn’t know anyone and it was hard.”  However, playing sports changed that for him. At one time he played both basketball and baseball for Chapel, creating long lasting friendships.  By his junior year he was focused on baseball only.

Even though he’s been playing for a while, he says that right now is his favorite time to play because “you’re playing for something that matters and everyone wants to win at a high level,” Ricky claims.  

Ricky’s time playing at Chapel (4 years) was very fun, through getting to know multiple coaches and being able to do what he loves. He elaborated that one of his favorite memories as Chapel was winning at the district championship.

 O’dette says that one of the most influential coaches he has had was Coach Moye. He was Ricky’s coach for his freshman and sophomore year. Ricky says, “He kind of took me under his wing and helped me out a lot.” He says that he still keeps in touch with him quite a bit to this day.

 Ricky does have some advice for underclassmen that plan on going on the route to get signed for baseball one day. He says, “Enjoy your time, listen to your coaches, and it’ll take you a long way. Work as hard as you can.”  

In the meantime, Ricky is looking forward to his future. “I can’t wait to play baseball at a high level for a national championship in college.”

 Congratulations Ricky O’Dette on getting signed to Lake-Sumter State College!