M3GAN: The Movie that People Cannot Stop Talking About


Creepy-unsettling horror movies about killer dolls have been done a countless number of times. However, the new horror film “M3GAN” has stirred up quite the debate of whether or not this was a good adaptation of this classic trope. As the movie does not just contain any doll, but an actual humanoid piece of artificial intelligence that was designed by scientists. Or in other words, a robot.  

The Horror/Sci-Fi movie “M3GAN” follows an 8-year-old named Cady and her aunt Gemma. Cady has recently become orphaned as both her parents had died in a car accident. So, this then follows her moving in with her aunt Gemma, who is a brilliant roboticist. Gemma has a very good soul, however she never really imagined herself having to take care of a child, since she is mostly invested in her work. So, to help with the parenting of Cady, as well as help Cady grieve the death of her parents. Gemma decided to gift her a prototype of her latest invention, M3GAN. M3GAN is a lifelike doll that is programmed to be a child’s best friend and a parent’s greatest ally. However, M3GAN starts to act quite strangely towards Gemma, and it seems like M3GAN is becoming a little too overprotective of Cady.   

The movie itself has a very great flow. It has a solid storyline following through for when M3GAN is first created, to when she is doing whatever she can, even hurting people, to protect her main user (Cady). This movie is one of those films that doesn’t have a tone of jump scares or frightful scenes. The movie is simply there to please the horror community with a modernized version of a crazy killer doll. It has a few graphic scenes, however nothing to make viewers lose their sleep at night. The movie overall doesn’t have any unbelievable or never seen before concepts, however I would say that actors, producers and director of this film did a great job at making his movie come together in an intense, enjoyable way.  

The actual movie, however, actually has a message to it. Don’t let devices/toys parent your kids. In the movie, the way that Gemma realized something was wrong with M3GAN is that M3GAN seems to be more of a parent to Cady than Gemma is. And will not let Gemma parent Cady the way she wants to. This helps to get the image to viewers that nothing will really parent your child the way that you do. That you cannot just give your child a laptop and think that will solve all their problems.  You need to be there for your kids, because no one can comfort or raise them like there human caregiver can. This movie overall touched viewers around the world. “The film is campy, fun and entertaining, it has a high rewatchability, and is suitable for a large audience.” Says a viewer’s review. “M3gan is a well made movie with a unique storyline, excellent special effects and talented actors!” Says another viewer.  

This movie is overall a great movie to watch. It is pleasing, entertaining and suspenseful at some points. It is a solid movie that many people around the world, even if not horror fans, will enjoy.