Home, The 2015 Blockbuster


 The 2015 film “Home”, directed by Tim Johnson, is a science-fiction film starring Jim Parsons (Who most know as Sheldon from Big Bang Theory), Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Jones, and Steve Martin. “Oh” is an outsider within his species and is often hated by his peers, despite this, he is an incredibly happy and loving Boov, and he has stolen most fans’ hearts because of it. Tip Tucci is another beloved character for fans. Tip is an immigrant from Barbados who happens to be the only human left once the Boov take over. Tip is brave, loyal and an amazing representation of someone who has hope. Lastly, Captain Smek is that character that will make you none stop laugh while watching scenes that he is in. He is a fun and lovable character that lots of fans are fond of.  

 In “Home” the Boov are the best species at running away, and one day they ran all the way to the Milky Way where they found Earth and decided it would be a suitable hiding place for them from their enemy, the Gorg. The problem about them hiding on earth though, is that they moved all the humans away, all the humans except for Tip, who is determined to get her mom back. Once “Oh” gets on earth however, he accidentally sends an invitation to his party to the entire galaxy, compromising their hiding place. After this Tip and Oh are on the run and once they meet, they decide to work together to find Tip’s mom and save Earth from the Gorg. By the end these characters are taught to not judge someone by how they look, they are taught to not run from their problems, and they are taught to never give up hope. 

The animation in “Home” is exquisite. Dream-work Animations made sure to animate even the tiniest things like, the bounce of Tip’s curly hair, the ripples on the ocean surface that are caused by Oh diving into it, the animation of the mouths are coordinated with the voice, etc. The animation just brings this manipulated world to life. The animation also provides a unique look into the world. With the many different settings throughout the movie and the realism of it, fans can easily imagine the world of Home on our modern earth.  

The voice acting in the movie made the entire movie come together as well. For instance, the emotion Rihanna put into her voice when Tip was talking about her mom was perfect and Jim Parsons monotone voice helped make comedic lines even more hilarious to the audience. Even though this movie is technically for kids, the voice acting brings the complexity to a whole new level, making it an enjoyable movie for all ages.  

 In the end this movie will forever and always be a five-star watch. The animation on top of the voice acting along with the inspiring (But still fun) story-line makes this movie a showstopper. This movie can make you laugh while sobbing and that’s something you do not find every day. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to laugh, cry, or just feel genuine happiness.