Rescue Pets of Florida


Jamie Stanley

Rescue Pets of Florida is an organization that helps animals find new homes one step at a time.

Rescue Pets of Florida is a non-Profit origination that is an all-volunteer program. You can adopt many different breeds and types of animals at the Wesley Chapel location.

Every cat and dog that is in the rescue has there necessary shots and are spayed and neutered. They have an amazing group of people who foster animals.

On the weekends these foster family’s bring the animals to the store, hopefully to find there forever family. If the store has enough space the animals will stay there throughout the week, but if not they are brought back to there foster homes, to be brought back the next weekend. Due to this, there is a strong possibility that there will be more pets available on the weekend.

On one side of the Rescue, they have a dog division. Prior to adoption all of our dogs/puppies see a veterinarian for spay/neuter vaccines, heart-worm testing (if older than 6 moths of age) and microchip placement. If any have medical issues, that is also addressed by the vet prior to adoption. Carlo had periodontal disease and had to have 16 teeth extracted said Tara Pisano, A Volunteer at the Rescue.

They also do many events in which they bring animals with them to show to a larger audience. When showing dogs/pups at the store or an event, I have a kit. It contains a blanket, pee pads, paper towels, leashes, water bowels, dog toys, our brochures, business cards ,medical paperwork ,poop bags, a donation jar, and hand sanitizer. If at an event we also bring a chair, exercise pen for the dogs, and a canopy…” stated Tara.

On the other side of the Rescue are the cats. Teen volunteers are responsible for cleaning the cages and making sure each and every cat has food, water and a clean litter box.

I always wanted to take care of cats as I had them all my life and wanted to do something good for those cats in need of care. I started volunteering because of my daughter and her obligation to fulfill service hours,” said Sonia Kennedy, another Volunteer.

I am happy when my foster kittens get adopted to a new home. There’s a little sadness as I have gotten attached to them while taking care of them, it overall it’s a good feeling when they find their new home. The skills that I have found to be useful in fostering cats is having cats yourself and raising them. I have learn from other fosters how to see signs of problems in kittens. that’s something I would not experience by having just cat. The cats and kittens we come across are typically outdoor which cause a lot of other problems for these animals that an indoor cat or kitten would not have she continued.

Teenagers can get their community service hours for school and for scholarships at the Rescue. 

Before volunteering, every new teen in the rescue must go through training so they know what to tell people and what responsibility’s they have. They can have the adults sign off on their community service hours at their end of their shift.