March Artist Spotlight: Keirah Nelson


Keirah Nelson

The Puppeteer- Keirah Nelson An original character designed and written by K. Nelson

A new artist at WCHS is taking control of her talent and creating stunning sketches and brilliant stories! Keirah Nelson is a 10th-grade artist whose artistic abilities and character design are impressive. With her animatronic story development and sketching patterns her art is more than worth seeing. 

Creativity and the urge to draw can come from a wide variety of places such as TV shows, video games and books but for some it is just something they picked up one day and have not looked back on since. “I am not sure what inspired me to start drawing, it has just been something I have done ever since I was a little kid because dad has always drawn. I grew up watching him.” 

The Puppeteer- Keirah Nelson

When questioned about her favorite thing to draw, she had an incredibly unique but amazing answer, with animatronics being their favorite thing to draw. Animatronics are extremely hard to draw as they not only feature human-like anatomy but also various robotic parts, yet our lovely artist does a brilliant job drawing these tricky characters. “I will start by drawing normal human shapes and adding the robotic parts after.” Adding robotic parts to any drawing whether it is an animal or human is incredibly challenging which makes how well Keirah is adding these details its seamless. “A good example would be Puppeteer; he has a spring in his system because he is like a jack in the box. He has normal human anatomy but then a spring in the middle.” 

The Puppeteer is a character of Keirah’s own design, featuring detachable hands and a friendly hand puppet. The Puppeteer will spring out of a well and put on a puppet show for all those watching. A wonderful character for an inspiring artist.

Animatronic Character Design by Keirah Nelson


Sketching is a difficult method of art to master, it can be hard to make details known given the fact that it is all the same color from the graphite. The amount of pressure put on the pencil determines how dark or light the shading will appear, yet Keirah is doing a splendid job mastering the graphite. 

When asked what this young artist wants to accomplish with their work they had a powerful answer, “I want to publish my own stories with my own artwork and characters. I have all the animatronics stories planed out I just need to write them.”  

Drafting stories can be just as difficult as creating artwork, and to do both is not easy; but with the proper motivation these feats of artistic creativity can be accomplished and be widely successful. While there would be many steps in order to reach this publishing goal, however, it is a goal that I’m sure this young artist will be able to accomplish. She has the skills and determination to create a masterpiece of a story, with artistic talent, plenty of ideas, and the right inspiration Keirah is more than capable.

Tommy and Tera, the animatronic twins- Character designs by Keirah Nelson