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Las Meninas painting by Diego Velazquez in 1656


Las Meninas painted by Diego Velazquez in 1656

Las Meninas or ‘The ladies in waiting’ was painted by Diego Velaquez in 1656 depicts the life in court of King Philip IV of Spain. It shows Infanta Margaret Theresa, the kings daughter surrounded by her entourage as Velaquez stands behind a canvas painting them. The painting resides in Museo Nacional del Prado, The painting is worth approximately 4 million dollars.


Las Meninas Close up









The little girl who looks directly at the veiwer is believed to be Infanta. Only daughter of King Philip IV of spain and his second wife Marianna of Austria


Las Meninas background close up





In the background of Las Meninas two figures are seen in the mirror or a painting (This fact is undecided). It is believed that these two are the king and queen and Infantas parents, watching their daughter as Velazquez paints.