Being Physically Active



Being Physically Active can help the human body in many different ways.

Walking around the neighborhood. Staying physically active is one of the important things a person can do for our overall health, like being physically, mentally, and emotionally healthier.

An article by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles and improve your ability to do everyday activities.” 

According to the article, physical activity has many benefits that would improve students’ well-being and health. Beyond the physical benefits that physical activity, it goes beyond and into out skills and habits.

“Aside from the health benefits, planning exercise can teach one some skills like time scheduling and problem solving which can be applied to situations in the classroom,” says Hailey Gouldbourne, a senior in WCHS.

Students could potentially be a lot more successful at school and in life if they were more active. The advantages of staying active are plenty and all find a way to positively impact academic performance. Working out can do 4 important things that impact our performance at school according to an article by Colorado Technical University, named 4 Reasons College. 

Students Should Make Time for Exercise:

  1. Heighten our focus- By stimulating the production of new cells physical activity heightens our focus, leading to us being more focused on our classes and performing better.
  2. Elevate our mood/ Lower Stress- Physical activity improves our mood and attitude by releasing
    Being physically active could have benefits for academics.

    hormones such as endorphins, this way tension and stress can be relieved. Ms. Hutcheson, an English teacher at WCHS states that,” Working out, or simply finding a physical activity that you enjoy is essential for a person’s overall health. I find it relieves stress and elevates my mood.”

  3. Increase our energy level- Exercising replenishes our brain energy and gives us extra energy.
  4. Sharpens memory- By increasing or focusing  we can have a better memory. 

Many students that do not exercise avoid it because they do not like it and there is a solution to that. Exercising is not just about going to the gym, running 10 miles daily, or feeling so sore one cannot even move. Exercise is about finding a way to be physically active in a way one can enjoy, or at least enjoy its results. 

On the contrary, some do not have the time to exercise. There are a lot of students who have outside activities or are too busy with school. In another case, Freshman, Peyton Cullum, states “I don’t feel the need to exercise.”

Exhausted and tired from overdoing it with exercise.

Plus, students need to incorporate physical activity slowly. Kimberly Caines from states, “Impulsively starting to exercise, overdoing it and neglecting to rest can expose you to the negatives of exercise. In addition to being more likely to sustain injuries, exercising too much can leave you feeling weak, tired and dehydrated.” 

There is no problem with not being physically active everyday, but it can help to be. Although exercising can be important, even walking around the neighborhood would be considered active. 

 “In order for a body to work and function properly, it needs to be moved. It doesn’t have to be much time and there are many options to choose from,” says Language Arts Teacher, Ms. Hutcheson. There are many variations of things you can do to keep yourself physically active such as Pilates, running, walking, a push, pull, and leg split at the gym or simply playing a sport one likes.

“Start taking care of yourself before it’s too late, a lot of people grow old and regret not taking care of themselves in their younger years,” says Senior, Ayden Martinez.

Being physically active provides benefits for all people