Pain-Free Pre-Prom Planning



Purchasing a prom outfit and getting ready can be really stressful, but if you prepare properly.

It is almost the most magical time of the year, (no, not Christmas) prom season is approaching! Prom brings about tremendous excitement for students who have been dreaming of this night for as long as they can remember. Especially with Wesley Chapel’s theme of “Enchanted Forest”, students are more excited than ever to live out their fairytale dreams. However, with great excitement also comes great stress. It can be difficult to decide on the makeup, hair, shoes, and most of all, the dress that will be worn that night. Arguably the most important element in a perfect prom is the stunning outfits. Once the dress or suit is decided on, everything else falls into place. Gladly, there are fashion trends to help ease the decision-making process that goes into the perfect look for that perfect night.

Junior, Kyrstan Coleman

First things first, what is in and out this year? Fashion trends change every year and sometimes every couple of months, so it can be challenging to keep up with what is up to date. Have no fear, challenging does not mean impossible. Senior, Sara Amiri stated, “I think there’s going to be a lot of hot pink this year and maybe green.” Amiri’s opinion seems to be a popular one since stylists have reported the same information. According to, bright colors are in this year. Insider states that “Kim Collins, Prom Girl’s chief merchandising officer, said bright colors are popular at proms this year, including neon shades like hot pink.”  Many celebrities have been seen wearing bright, neon colors this year and it can be expected that many will follow the trend set by the A-listers. Junior, Kyrstan Coleman stated that she is “expecting to see a lot of slim, tight-fitting dresses, and unfortunately, a lot of converse to go with them.” Coleman makes a point in that these past few years, tight-fitting and mermaid dresses have been spreading like wildfire. Although these designs do not necessarily fit this year’s theme of “Enchanted Forest”, Coleman states that she doesn’t “think a lot of people are following the theme too strictly.” This could potentially be true since the theme provides a wide range of ideas that could be traced back to “Enchanted Forest” but do not necessarily have to completely encompass it. Now that the general trends have been established, theme-appropriate dresses may be discussed.

Senior, Sara Amiri

Considering the associations that come with prom, a theme such as “Enchanted Forest” being chosen was not too shocking. But what exactly does it mean to follow such a theme to its full extent? Well, one pointer would be to focus on the “forest” part of “Enchanted Forest.” The color green is in. According to, “green, green, and more green is the key to this theme!” Dark shades of green are perfect to capture the meaning of this theme. To cover the “enchanted” half of this theme, dresses with softer fabrics and ruffles are in this year. Insider states that “Levine described this year’s looks as being ‘ethereal feeling [and] dreamy.’”  The dreamy look and this enchanting theme go hand in hand together. “I saw a lot of sequins dresses and a lot layered tulle dresses” says Amiri. These designs convey the soft atmosphere that will be felt throughout the party, perfect for slow dances and romantic pictures. Coleman confirms that she’s seen many dresses “on theme” this year while shopping. “There are quite a few flowery and green dresses out there to choose from” Coleman remarked.

As well as making sure to be on theme, students must make sure that their attires meet Wesley Chapel High School’s prom dress code. According to the dress code, young men must wear “dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes. A tie and jacket is strongly recommended. All pants must be securely worn around the waist. No “polo” style shirts will be allowed. Athletics shoes/sneakers (i.e. Nikes, Adidas, etc.), skate shoes (i.e. Vans, Airwalks, etc.) or work-boots will not be permitted.” The dress code also states that young women “must wear a dress, pant suit or gown that is in good taste. The outfit may not be made of see-through material unless the skirt/top underneath the see-through material is within the parameters of dress code (no more than 4-inches above knee, neckline that forms between left & right armpit). Strapless dresses are allowed; however, no open styles, which show the entire stomach area are permitted. All dresses must cover the midriff area completely. The sides of the midriff area must also be covered. Front necklines shall not be lower than a line formed between the right and left armpit. The dress length and all slits cannot exceed more than four inches above the knee.” If a student’s attire violates the dress code, he/she will be faced with consequences. “Students dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. Students will not be admitted wearing cargo pants, sneakers, jeans/denim, khakis, Dickies (or other casual pants), t-shirts, torn clothing, chains/spikes, sexually implicit or explicit clothes, shorts, hats and head coverings, bandanas, or items referencing tobacco or alcohol products” the dress code states.

Finding an outfit on theme, trendy, and school appropriate may be difficult, but it should not be a burden. These tips and guidelines will help pave the way for the dress shopping experience. Making sure to hit all three points will ensure an enjoyable experience on such a wonderful night.