WCHS Dance Program


WCHS Dance Program

Wesley Chapel’s gorgeous dancers preforming their absolute best on stage!

Wesley Chapel High School has its own dance program filled with many students who have a passion for dancing and entertainment; yet some students who are enrolled in the class would not consider themselves interested in dance as a study, but more as a benefit for their health. Regardless of the reason why, the dance programs at WCHS are unique.

The ‘Wesley Chapel High School dance department’ offers two different genres of dance; ballet and modern. The two different classes are Ballet and Dance Technique, which includes a combination of modern and ballet.

Ballet includes levels 1, 2, and 3 and is taught and choreographed by Miss Andrews.

Dance Technique includes levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 and is taught by Miss Andrews with dances choreographed with the help of senior choreographers.

She explained the process behind choosing choreographers. “Choreographers must have a good understanding of ballet and modern technique. They must display the ability to be team players, accept constructive criticism” she continued, “and are willing to put in the time and effort to help keep the dance program and showcases to a high level.”

It is required that you start at level, or class, 1 and work your way up throughout the years. However, if you complete at least one year of ballet but decide to do Dance Technique the next year, you are allowed to instantaneously move up to Dance Technique 2.

Although some students who take dance, aren’t in it for the purpose of a career or an area of study, but find many benefits to the course, like exercise, stress relief or just having fun.

She explains, “All you can hope for is the love you have for dancing ‘rubs’ off. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Charissa Ooommen,  freshman in the Dance Technique 1 class with only little outside dance experience, responded,  by stating, “I took dance because school was stressful, so I needed something to enjoy; something fun.”

Charissa elaborated, “Physically, it gives me a daily exercise routine. Mentally, it helps my mind be a little less stressed and a little more clear.”

Emmerson Smith, freshman has a little more outside experience than some people in the dance program; with 11 years of being in dance. He is in the ballet class and was asked what inspired him to take a dance class at school.

Emmerson mentioned, “I did dance outside of school for 11 years prior to doing it at school. I knew I loved it.” Like Charissa, Emmerson was asked how dance helps him mentally and physically. He explained “It keeps me active and brightens my mornings.”

Considering Emmerson always knew he loved dance, and has studied dance for years. “I have take ballet, jazz, modern, tumbling, contemporary, etc.” He carried on, “I currently dance at dynamic dance refinery.”

Along with technique classes, the school has two dance showcases each year. The showcases include one Ballet piece and multiple Dance Technique pieces.

The December show has a more classical ballet piece, while the Spring show has a more contemporary ballet piece. Each Dance Technique piece includes ballet and modern dance. The Dance Technique dances are choreographed by seniors picked by Miss Andrews. The winter 2022 show was on December 8th and 9th.

Miss Andrews explained, “The dance program is financially self-sufficient. The dance showcases are our main fundraisers for the year.”

The spring 2023 show will be on May 11th , 12th, and 13th.