Paapa Kusi: A Successful Road Ahead


Paapa Kusi is a senior student at WCHS, he is a student who is popular around the school for his bright personality and always bringing a smile to everyone’s face. He is a smart man who has taken various AP courses throughout his schooling career making him determined to peruse his education and snatch his success. He is a man full of amazing things and a promising future ahead of him with two colleges supporting him. He is a promising young man, he is a VP of National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society. He also partook in the funding of African Students Association, and volunteered at various organization, and has raised money for the American Cancer Society.  

Paapa will be starting the next chapter of his education. He will participate in the Gator engineering program at Santa Fe College; from there he will head to UF. “It seems like my best choice out of the colleges I was accepted into in terms of aid, prestige and other factors,” Paapa recounted about his next steps in life.  

When asked what he was most excited about moving forward, he had an optimistic response showing his excitement for new things. “I am excited about seeing new things, I have been in this town my entire life. I am excited to finally get started on the path to my career, which will be computer science. I am excited to make new friends and experience college.” Having such a positive response is an amazing way to ensure success for Paapa, determined to work hard and experience everything life has to offer is the perfect route for Paapa to go. 

“I have no family members that went to UF. My parents went to the University of Ghana, and my sister went to the Washington University, ST. Louis.” The University of Florida is a very selective school with an acceptance rate of 30%, making the university difficult to pursue. This is a wonderful next step for Paapa, and he will be widely successful on this new path. 

Despite looking forward to this next step, he has many fond memories and special people at WCHS. “I love my teachers and my friends. The people I was surrounded by encouraged me to do more than I ever thought.”  

Paapa Kusi is a wonderful student and an amazing person with a brilliant future ahead of him, moving on to bigger and better things, new adventures. A very fitting future filled with great things, is very fitting for Paapa Kusi; and everyone at WCHS is here to back him up on his journey.