Why should you Categorize your Beauty?


Beauty trends on the internet are nothing new. Whether they are fashion, makeup, or lifestyle related. They all may somewhat connect to the viewers witnessing them. Such as the newest trend that has gone viral, “What kind of pretty are you?” That finds people questioning if they fit a certain category of beauty or not.  

The types of “pretty” that this trend has come up with are “model pretty,”  “standard pretty,”  “natural pretty,” and “popular pretty,” The internet has defined them as the following:  

~ Model Pretty: Sharp Cheekbones “alluring” stare, “eye catching” face structure 

~ Standard Pretty: Meeting Society’s “beauty standards” full lips, pretty eyes, healthy figure, thick hair.  

~ Natural Pretty: Wears Minimal makeup, clear skin, naturally rosy cheeks, symmetrical face.  

~ Popular Pretty: Unique style, unique features, that others find enjoyable.  

Trends like this may just seem to be fun and interesting to investigate or just look at, however they can be very harmful to young people. This generation already focuses way too much on how they look 24/7, always posting and taking selfies. Now add on this trend, it just reinforces the need to fit it into a beauty standard.

To be more specific this trend is basically saying that there are only 4 types of pretty and if you do not fit into any of these categories, then you are out of luck. According to the trend you  are simply not pretty.

The danger lies within how powerful the algorithm of social media is in getting the word out about these standards. By  pushing a random standard out via social media they are telling you how you should view yourself. Trends like this are just an excuse to put more pressure on people to fit a certain standard of beauty.   However, not everyone fits into a trend or standard and nor should they as we are all different. 

Taking an even closer look at beauty standards and trends, it is easily broken into two sides. The sides are people who are “pretty” and those who are not. Both categories have negative effects.  

The first category of “pretty” seems like the best place to land however, the effects can be dangerous. For example, some of these individuals can feel insecure, like they don’t have anything to offer except for a pretty face. Plus, they start to fear things and question themselves like should I lose some weight? Could my hair be longer, shinier? How do I make my skin clearer? Should I get my eyebrows done? It’s a never-ending cycle.

 No one on this planet feels good about themselves all the time. Everyone will always have days where they feel like the most hideous person on the planet. Even for someone that you may think is the most perfect beautiful person in the universe. That person will always have days where they question what more they can do to fit into a standard of “pretty.” 

People that don’t fit into these obscene categories are left feeling bad about themselves, especially while scrolling on social media seeing other “pretty” people, many of whom use filters. The trends that society has set are most of the time unobtainable and unnecessary. Even with that said, it is very easy to base your worth on how other people view you but we shouldn’t. As a generation we care way too much about how other people perceive us, especially when it comes to looks.  

Overall, trends like this are simply worthless. They may provide some entertainment to the viewer for a few days, however the overall effect of them is extremely harmful and only pushes the narrative even more, that beauty is everything.