“The Summer I Turned Pretty”: The Ultimate Summer Series

“Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer” – Jenny Han 

Summer is coming up right around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to watch this fun and effervescent, binge-worthy series called “The Summer I Turned Pretty”! Not to mention, season 2 of the series is said to be released this July, which gives enough time to catch up on the first season and prepare yourself for the roller-coaster of events that are bound to happen! 

Belly and Conrad


The Summer I turned pretty is a drama/romance series that tells a story about a teenage girl named Belly Conklin, and the most memorable summer of her life. The story takes place on Cousins Beach in Massachusetts. Belly and her family spend the summer in cousins every year with her mother’s best friend, and her two sons Jerimiah and Conrad Fisher. Although every summer was special to Belly, there was something about this one that made it unforgettable. It was when Belly first started to experience what it’s like to be “pretty”, since the summers before she was only viewed as an immature child; especially to Conrad. Belly had always had a crush on Conrad, and this summer she finally would have the confidence to confess her true feelings. That is until Jeremiah interferes when he too, realizes Belly has grown up to be a beautiful, fun and loving girl. She is torn between choosing one of the brothers and is unsure of who she truly loves.  

Belly Conklin


Fans of the series seem to all have different perspectives of who Belly is meant to be with. They call it: “Team Jeremiah” or “Team Conrad”. Jeremiah is the younger brother of the two. He is perceived as outgoing, fun, energetic and is always the life of the party. Conrad on the other hand, keeps to himself. He is very guarded and doesn’t willingly speak to many people. Belly has a hard time trying to get him to talk to her, and he typically avoids spending time together. This is why Belly was easily attracted to Jermiah since he makes it easy for her to have a good time. Belly is neither introverted nor extraverted, which is why she finds herself stuck deciding between the two polar-opposite brothers.  


New Season 

The new season is scheduled to be released this summer on July 14th. There is a total of 8, 45-minute episodes each titled with the word ‘Love’ in it. According to TeenVogue.com, “The eight episodes, in order, are titled, “Love Lost,” “Love Scene,” “Love Sick,” “Love Game,” “Love Fool,” “Love Fest,” “Love Affair,” and “Love Triangle.”” This shows that the storyline of the second season will be much different; as the first season’s episodes were all titled starting with the world ‘summer’. The series transitions from being a sweet, summary drama show to a tricky and unpredictable love story.  

Book trilogy: “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

The show is based off the events that happened in Jenny Han’s book trilogy: “The Summer I Turned Pretty”. Each season is based
off the events of one book. The titles of the books include, “The Summer I Turned Pretty”, “It’s Not Summer Without You”, and “We’ll Always Have Summer”. Since there are only 2 seasons, yet three books, it is easy to interpret that there will be a third season. In fact, the cast has already started filming for season three and it will most likely air during the summer of 2024, in relation to the seasons before it.

Why Should You Watch TSITP? 

 “The Summer I Turned Pretty” is a perfect summer show, hence summer is in the title! The characters are incredibly magnetic and watching them live through summer just makes you feel happy and carefree! Not only does it build excitement for this upcoming summer, but it also received an overall rating of 4.7 stars. People love the show, as it gives a nostalgic summer vibe, and truly portrays what summertime is like in the eyes of a teen coming of age. It is an excellently written show and is 1000% worth watching this summer!