Summer Time Playlist

Summer is a season full of fun, family, and friends! And what better way to accompany your summer than with the perfect summer soundtrack? Music can really help set the tone and mood for any event. With summer coming, your adventures could turn out to be road trips, pool parties, and even beach days. Here are just a few recommendations to check out and listen to over the summer. 

Bands and artists ranging from any old band to something you might have recently heard on the radio, they all have a unique sound that just radiates the best summer vibes! 

  • The Beach Boys were formed in Hawthorn, California in the 60s. They were best known for their distinctive pop rock sound, perfect songs and albums for summer. Their hit songs include classics like “Surfin’ USA”, “Good Vibrations” and “California Girls”. 
  • Queen might surprise you but among their iconic songs are perfect songs to include in your playlist. Songs like “Don’t Stop e Now”, “Another One Bites the Dust” or even “Killer Queen” all can be a be considered a summer must! 
  • Vampire Weekend a bit less known but nonetheless amazing at performing upbeat and indie beats! The 2008 album also named Vampire Weekend consist of a bunch of hits like “Campus”, “A-Punk”, and “Oxford Comma”. Ideal for a sunny summer day out with friends. 
  • Harry Styles, ex member of one direction, Harry went solo back in 2016. Now with 3 albums some of his best summer songs are: “Sunflower Vol. 6”, “Golden”, “Daylight”, and “Canyon Moon” all of these are just a few that gives warm sunshine feelings to listeners. 
  • Lizzo, known best for her words of encouragement and her infectious energy, has the best songs with the best uplifting lyrics for everyone! Grammy winning “Truth Hurts” was one of her first hit songs that had everyone screaming the lyrics, “Good as Hell” amazing positive message and meaning. “Juice” The music video is so satisfying to watch and to obsess over.


  • Bruno Mars with his mixed genre music of Pop, R&B, Funk, he has claimed the title of King of Pop. His songs will most definitely get you into a summer hype mood with his most popular songs like “Uptown Funk”, “That’s What I Like”, and “Leave the Door Open” leaving everyone into a go-getter type of mood. 
  • Bob Marely, No summer song playlist is ever complete without Bob Marely. Whether it be “No women, No cry” or “Jamming”, or even “Three Little Birds.” His music has sparked love, peace and unity throughout the world. 
  • Kali Uchis with her silky-smooth voice provides all a perfect summer sound with songs like “After the Storm,” “telepatía,” “Melting,”, and her appearance on Tyler the Creator’s Flower boy; “See you Again.” 
  • Katy Perry and her album Teenage Dream is the absolute epitome of a teenage summer. With its funky and fun beat you help but get mesmerized by all its songs!  

Summer is the best time to let go and unwind and listen to some music. There are countless artists and songs that summarize the feeling and essence that summer holds.  Turn up the volume and soak in that feeling of an unforgettable summer.