Did You Know?

Chocolate Ice Cream

  •  Chocolate ice cream was first documented in a book published in Naples, Italy, called ‘The Modern Steward’ in 1962. Then, chocolate has varied in different numbers of flavorings and spices when it was first made.
  • Chocolate is the second most popular ice cream flavor, the first is vanilla.
  • Chocolate ice cream was invented as a treatment for a wide range of illnesses such as gout and scurvy.
  •  Chocolate provides natural chemicals that can help protect you from cardiovascular disease and stroke. This means that even as delicious as it seems, it aids others mildly against any health conditions and prevents the littlest amounts of stress.
  • The calcium in ice cream can work to build up strong bones like yours and mine!
  • Studies show, chocolate contain vitamins and nutrients in ice cream can give your brain a boost. Even people who eat ice cream for breakfast are more alert that people who drink water first thing in the morning, but personally I don’t believe that (Stay hydrated guys!!).

I love going to the beach on a hot day and eating chocolate ice cream in the bright sun, it is very relaxing and rejuvenating and builds a bond between me and nature, everyone should get out the outdoors and hang out with friends eating ice cream together. It brings the peace in everyone and brings family and friends together.