Summer plans!


Summer break is less than a week away! With all this excitement, students also have a challenging testing week ahead of them. All this testing will soon be rewarded with calming days on the beach or even long trips on the road! Summer break is just around the corner, we asked Wesley Chapel High students what their exciting summer plans are.

Jessenia Joseph, Freshman “ I’m going to the beach with my family all throughout the summer and then I’m going to go to different states all around US with my family.”

Alexa Salvador , Freshman “ This summer I’m going to stay at home, but in July I am going to go to DR and then to Orlando after.”

Emily Roehrig

Emily Roehrig, Freshman “ getting my permit the day after my birthday because the DMV isn’t open on my birthday.”

Dayla Christopher, Sophomore ” I’m going to be traveling for AAU basketball and then working that’s really it.”

Katelyn Koceja

Shaun Seymour, Sophomore “ I’m going to Orlando, Miami, I’m going to so many different places all over the summer with my family.”

Allison Park, Senior “I’m going to work throughout the summer, and hang out with my friends on my time off.”

Esmeralda Rosales, Senior “My original plan was to go into the military,

Shaun Seymour

but I decided I want to be a cosmetologist. So, I’m going to go to a university across the street that does hair and nails, and I’m trying to get  my PHSC to get my business’ and marketing degree so that way I can open my own salon.”

Giselle Boudrea, Reeve Spitzer

Reeve Spitzer, Freshman “ I have to go to Two band camps.”

Jeihlon Lewis, Freshman “ Probably going to volunteer at the district park recreational center, take notes on certain jobs I want to do in the future, also hang out with my friends, get a head start on course for next year.”

The students of Wesley Chapel have a lot going on this summer! Whether they’re getting ready for college or have big birthday plans, they will be staying busy. What kind of plans do you have this summer?