WCHS Lacrosse Player Holds Top 10 Spot in The Nation


Iserino playing against Sunlake at home

Iserino on The Field

Junior, Anthony Iserino, has until recently lead the nation in goals and points in boys lacrosse. Iserino has played lacrosse for five years. Iserino started playing in sixth grade when his friends started playing and encouraged him to join as well. Iserino has amounted 98 goals, 28 assists and 126 points this season for a total of 126 goals, 41 assists and 167 points throughout his time playing for Wesley Chapel. Since then, Iserino has poured everything into lacrosse and has managed to snag the number one spot in the country for months.

Iserino is not only outstanding on the field, but also in the classroom. Iserino is currently taking AP US History, AP Language and Composition, algebra 2 honors and chemistry honors. Iserino is an excellent student, successfully managing his time between school and lacrosse while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. Iserino shares, “our work is typically due the day after its assigned and with lacrosse after school and with work it’s definitely difficult to manage.” Iserino gives PawPrints insight into his heavy packed schedule. Inserino states, “school lacrosse is right after school until 3pm and travel goes from 8pm to 9:30pm…I work every day I don’t have practice, I usually work 20 hours a week.” Iserino demonstrates the qualities of a well-rounded student. Iserino’s hardworking nature is also on display on the field. Outside of school, Iserino plays for the Regional Tampa Team. Iserino shares that his close friend, Jace Jackson trains him individually outside and has greatly contributed to his success this season. Iserino also attributes his success to the training and support from his coach Mr. McDermond. Iserino is currently second in the country in goals and points. For months, Iserino was first in the nation until last week. When asked about being overtaken in rank, Iserino stated, “I’m okay that I ended my season number one before I got outranked…It’s definitely going to push me to go further next season.” Iserino is in a great position to get offers and scholarships to play lacrosse in college, taking his career to a next level. Iserino hopes to play for a D1 or D2 school. Iserino’s dream schools include Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and Virginia University in Charlottesville, Virginia. Iserino admires the lacrosse program at Duke and Virginia along with their strong academic reputations. Iserino plans on majoring in business in college. He has also been in communication with schools discussing scholarships and offers.

Iserino playing against Sunlake at home

When asked about the challenges he has faced while playing attack, Iserino feels the physical toll that being wacked all game by defenders is most challenging. Iserino states, “I come out of games with so many bruises. That’s definitely a factor, my body just being beat up.” Iserino feels his biggest struggle this season was keeping up with his stats and maintaining them. Iserino shares he’s had to get around his opponents knowing his stats and immediately trying to block him out. Iserino’s family and friends’ support help him overcome his struggles and keep him humble and well rounded. Mrs. Geiger, Iserino’s past teacher, describes as “dedicated and kind.” Geiger says she’s “seen Anthony become a more mature and confident individual.” WCHS is grateful to have such a hardworking team player and cannot wait to see his successful future unfold.