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Wesley Chapel High School Pawprints Student Newspaper

Wesley Chapel High School - Newspaper Pawprints

Wesley Chapel High School Pawprints Student Newspaper

Wesley Chapel High School - Newspaper Pawprints

Band Life

Details of what it’s like to be in the WCHS Band!

Band life? Band life is what we band members think about, what it really feels, or mean is it worth to call it a life, or just a hobby that will fade away sooner or later once my interest fades away. Here in Wesley Chapel High school (WCHS) a lot of students take band because it is interesting, a friend of mine suggested that taking band classes is fun and way more relaxing than taking other classes like gym classes, basketball, and so on.   

Find your band

High school bands are like musical families. You join the band because you share  a love of music, and maybe be playing with classmates who will become lifelong friends.

Practice in the music room

After-school practice session in the music room. It’s full of instruments, music, and camaraderie. The feeling of playing together, from the initial concentration to the final climax, is like creating a musical masterpiece with friends.   

 How often does the band meet? 

“The band meets every Tuesday and Thursday to prepare themselves for performances.” 

Friday night football game

High school bands on Friday nights at football games. You step onto the field feeling the adrenaline. The cheers of the crowd, the halftime show and the energy in the air were electric. It’s like being part of the soundtrack to your school’s victories.

Performing at the hall

High school orchestras also can perform at school workshops. Whether it’s Veterans Day, pep rallies, or special events, it’s like being your school’s rock star for a day. Applause from your classmates is the best form of applause.  


We interviewed student Emily Castaneda “What is your favorite part about performances” which she answered, “I like the choreography and the different shapes we do in our drill”

Participate in group competitions

In Wesley chapel high, participating in team competitions is fun. It’s a bit like participating in sports tournaments, but with music as a game. The hours of practice will pay off when you hear the judges’ applause and the crowd’s cheers. 

Is it hard to learn new songs? 

“It is hard but once you play it a bunch of times it is easy. I make sure I know all the music and sets.”

Adventure at music camp

Band camp is passage for many high school musicians. It’s a bit like summer camp but with music. You spend your days practicing, bonding with your teammates, and creating unforgettable memories. It’s hard work but also a lot of fun.

Hangout in the music room

The school’s music room will become your second home. This is where you practice, chat and share stories with your teammates. It’s like there’s a secret club where you all speak like you guys are brothers especially in WCHS the band room or music room is a good place to hangout said by the people I know. 


 How do you prepare yourself before a performance? 

“As a band we have a rehearsal before a performance. Whether it is a competition and make sure we use all information and instructions given to us.” 

Life lessons and leadership

Joining a band in high school is about more than just music; it’s about personal growth. You learn discipline, teamwork and leadership. It’s like a crash course in learning life skills while doing what you love.  

 What do you enjoy most about band class? 

“The friendships and bonds the band members have with each other. A lot of my friends come from band, and I enjoy my time when I am around them. Working together and helping each other out makes us better as band.” 

High school band life is a unique and unforgettable part of the high school experience. It’s not just about playing music; it’s about forging lasting friendships, learning valuable lessons, and creating memories that will stay with you long after you graduate. So, whether you’re already in a high school band or are thinking about joining one, embrace the journey. 



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