We can’t wait…

The most anticipiated things of 2023


    As local teens have transitioned back into normal life, post pandemic. Nation-wide, industries have returned to normal, making it possible for teens to have something to look forward to, whether it be a new production, book or event.  

1) Production’s-

    Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 3 (May 5th)- Peter Quill (A.K.A. “Star Lord”) and his team are taking one last journey as they “defend the universe along with protecting one of their own.” as said by Marvel Studios. This will be the last installment in the Guardians Trilogy, and as sad as we will all be when its over, we can’t wait.

    The White House Plumbers (March TBA)- Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, who are part of the “White House Plumbers”, charged with stopping press leaks by any means necessary, accidentally overturn the presidency that they were trying to protect. We are all so excited to watch this comedic retelling of history.

    Bad Cinderella (March 23rd)- An unspoken rule within the theater community is that Andrew Lloyd Webber must always have a show running on Broadway, but after his long running show, “The Phantom Of The Opera” closed last year, he needed something new. Cue “Bad Cinderella”, a fun retelling of “Cinderella” where instead of old Cindy being a damsel in distress, she IS the distress.

2) Book’s (According to Goodreads)-

    Hello Beautiful, by: Ann Napolitano (March 14th)- Author Ann Napolitano introduces young couple Julia Padavano and William Waters, who seem to have the most coveted of blessings: a shot at real happiness. But when darkness from William’s past threatens Julia and her family, we’re asked to consider the uncomfortable question: Can love really overcome anything?

    Final Offer, by: Lauren Asher (January 31st)- Six years ago, handsome Callahan Kane broke the heart of young Lana Castillo. Full of regret, he pledged never to return to Lake Wisteria. When an inheritance situation changes everything, the lovers must face each other again. Book Three in the Dreamland Billionaires series is all about second chances—and partly about how cool the name Callahan Kane is.

    Ander and Santi Were Here, by: Jonny Garza Villa (April 4th)- Ander Lopez is about to head out for art school when they meet undocumented Santiago Garcia. Can love overcome circumstance, and timing, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement? Set in the Santos Vista neighborhood of San Antonio, Texas, this YA romance from author Jonny Garza Villa tells the story of two young people who find love, just in time.

3) Events-

    Taylor Swift Concert (April 13-15th)-  For three nights only, Tampa Bay residents might have a chance at getting to see Taylor Swift’s “Era’s Tour”. If you had the time & patience to sit through the process of acquiring tickets, then you are going to have the night of your life at the Raymond James Stadium.

    Turtlefest (March 18th)- A free admission event focused on the conservation of ocean wildlife with fun food and music. Hosted by Loggerhead Marine Life Center, this event show’s that its cool to go green!

    Children’s Gasparilla Extravaganza (January 21st)- A family friendly event featuring a fictional invasion on the streets of Tampa Bay. The children’s parade gives onlookers a shower of beads as the “pirates” float past.