An Amazing Year for Horror: Top 5 Best Horror Movies of 2022

A horror movie concept is not something you can create so easily. Especially nowadays with the number of horror movies that have already been made and the cliches that people tend to use over and over again. However, this past year the horror movies that have been released, have been the most unique and creative movies in quite sometime.

It is understandable that horror is not everyone’s cup of tea, however, these releases may appeal to more than “horror film buffs.” From the underrated horror film “Goodnight Mommy,” the newly released “Nope” from director Jordan Peele , these films have a one of a kind feel that is appealing to a broader audience. Here are a few of the standouts in the horror film releases.  They are ranked in no particular order. 

  1. “Smile” Directed by Parker Finn

    Smile- movie poster directed by Parker Finn (Paramount Pictures)

This Phycological-Horror film follows the story of a therapist named Dr. Rose Cotter. After witnessing an incredibly traumatic event involving a patient, Rose begins to see bizarre things that she cannot explain. As these visions begin to take over her life, she is forced to confront her traumatic past in order to escape this terrifying reality. Although this story follows the trope of a curse being passed on to one person after another, this movie in my opinion does this in a very interesting way. It forces the main character to confront her past that she tends to dwell on and blame herself for what happened. The movie does indeed portray a trope that has been done before, however it does it in a more modern way, which is very clever. 

The film amazed critics and audience members alike, with the storm scoring 80% on Rotten Tomatoes with one critic stating, “A bone-rattling, brain-flipping chiller sure to be ranked highly by true fans of the genre.” Smile was a truly exciting film for the big screen, guaranteed jump scares and horrifying twists and turns.

  1. “Orphan: First Kill” Directed by William Brent Bell
    Orphan: First Kill- Movie poster, directed by William Bent Bell (Paramount Players)


This movie so happens to be a prequel to the 2009 horror-slasher film movie “Orphan”. The movie follows a 30-year-old woman named Leena Palmer who has a medical condition that makes her look a lot younger than she actually is. After escaping from a psychiatric hospital in Estonia in which she was being held in. She travels to America to impersonate the missing daughter “Esther” of a wealthy family. However, there are many twists in this movie that go in every direction to make you guess who the good guy really is. This movie, as stated earlier, is a prequel to the original film “Orphan.”  Although they chose to come out with a prequel 12 years later,  they did an amazing job with this movie, despite the delays. The twists and turns of the plot keeps audiences engaged and wondering what will happen next. 

Esther’s terrifying saga continues in this thrilling prequel to the movie “Orphan.” With a whooping score of 72% on Rotten Tomato and a 77% audience score, the film has been stated as a feature that doesn’t lose sight of its governing idea. One audience member on Rotten Tomatoes writing, ” The new twist is glorious, utterly wrong-footing both its audience and Esther and the melodrama that plays out is positively Gothic in its unashamed high-camp absurdity.” A true horror prequel for the ages.

  1.  “The Menu” Directed by Mark Mylod

    The Menu-Movie poster, directed by Mark Mylod (Searchlight Pictures)

This movie is about a couple who travel to an isolated island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef prepared for them a rather unique menu. Little do they know the chef has some surprises up his sleeve. This movie is one of those movies that really makes you think. It has a deeper meaning to t about the “givers” and “takers” of life as said throughout the movie. As well as trying to please everyone in life. This horror-thriller is a great movie and has a brilliant story line that is not easy to pull off.  

The film brought in a high score of 89% on Rotten Tomatoes, with an 80% audience review. The Menu has been referred to as an atmospheric, claustrophobic thriller with a killer ending, hitting home for many who watched the films. A very interesting review from a critic of the film responds with, “This is a brilliant and intricate understanding of how art is the root of culture, and when there is no other purpose left for it, the artist resorts to self-immolation for the survival of creation.” A certified show stopper and a must watcher for anyone involved in the arts.

  1. “Goodnight Mommy” Directed by Matt Sobel

    Goodnight Mommy- movie poster, directed by Matt Sobel (Amazon Prime)

This movie follows the story of twin brothers arriving home after their mother has had cosmetic surgery, however they suspect that the woman under the facial bandages is not really their mother. This movie so happens to be a remake of an Australian 2014 horror-thriller also named “Goodnight Mommy”. This movie is full of twists and turns that makes the audience intrigued in all aspects. It is an amazing story line that keeps you attached to the two twin brothers and feel remorse for what they are going through. The movie also does a great job at making the mother seem evil, until everything unfolds at the end.  

While ‘Goodnight Mommy’ fell short on the Rotten Tomato scores, only hitting a 40%, audience members found the film very suspenseful with an eerie atmosphere that sticks with you after you’ve left the theater. A review from a enjoyer of the film excitedly states, “Suspenseful, captivating and unsettling with a great plot twist and amazing performances’.” Deserving more credit than it deserves, the sheer horror of the situation the characters go through is worth the watch.

  1. “Nope” Directed by Jordan Peele

    Nope- Movie poster, film directed by Jordon Peele (Universal Pictures)

This horror/sci-fi movie is about a man and his sister discovering something strange in the skies above their California Horse ranch, following that, the owner of a nearby theme park attempts to profit off of their unbelievable discoveries. This movie is what I would call a masterpiece. Jordan Peele is in my humble opinion one of the best writers/directors of all time. His movies have made such an amazing impact on the horror community. This movie has one of the most disturbing monsters, ever- period. Some might disagree because the monster may not be visually scary, however it is the fact we don’t quite know what the monster is that makes it so incredibly disturbing.  The suspense is terrifying. 

This film satisficed its viewers, scoring 83% on Rotten Tomatoes, mysterious in its structure. An astounding review writes, “Brimming with tension but laced with gaiety so as to never feel hostile, Nope is an operatic and sweeping thriller that celebrates cinema and simultaneously condemns it as an industry built on obscured violence.” This movie is a massive spectacle well worth the watch and the ground breaking cinematography.

These films are just a few of the amazing horror films in 2022.  Overall, what made these stand outs are the combination of great writing, awesome imagery and twisting plot lines.  So, grab a bucket of popcorn and enjoy!