Valentines Gifts at Wesley Chapel!


Every year we have a special day shared with significant others, friends or family. We all come year round to give gifts and love to one another, this valentines here at Wesley Chapel Highschool there’s love flying through the air. With friendship and love blooming all throughout the halls, so for a special valentines appreciation we asked students around campus what their personal favorite valentines gifts are, and here are some of the lovely answers we got.

Adien Yoquelet sophomore, “I love it when my mommy gives me some chocolate candy, because she is very special to me.”

Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez senior, “For valentines, get me some chocolate I don’t even like chocolate it’s just the move that you bought me something.”

Bella Vazquez freshman, “A stuffed animal, because you can keep it for a long time and its not disposable.”

Paapa Kusi senior, “Candy, because it tastes good. I love candy.”

Matthew Hael  junior, “I’ve never gotten a valentines, but a chain a heart or some chocolates maybe because that’s sweet.”

Sophie Abdulla freshman, “Maybe chocolate, perfume or a gift because it smells nice and it’s like they care.”

Samantha Spivey junior, “Probably chocolates and a little bear, chocolate because everyone loves chocolate, and the bear because they’re cute and they mean more than what they look.”

Samantha Spivey

Caiden Varnum freshman, “Chocolate, because it’s good.”

Dasia Warren

Kendall Brakenridge junior, “Jewelry like a nice chain, because I just really like chains.”

Daisia Warren junior, “Chocolate, I don’t really know why I

kind of have a sweet tooth all the time.”

Emily Roehing


Emily Roehing freshman, “Chocolate, because it’s delicious it gives me the joy of food.”





This valentines we have a lot of meaningful things that are all individually special to us.