Where to eat-Wesley Chapel

Cheddars Scratch Kitchen


Cheddar’s restaurant is a scratch kitchen, meaning everything is made fresh. Founded in 1979, it has more than 170 locations across 28 states. It is an American restaurant chain based in Irving, Texas. The closet one to Wesley Chapel is located at the Tampa Premium Outlets, in Lutz, Florida. Their foods are based on America’s favorite dishes such as steak, chicken tenders, sandwiches, burgers, ribs, etc.  

Upon arrival, the place was a little bit crowded. The revolving door was broken so we had to use the regular door. It was dark but not too dark. It was a nice fancy sit-down type of restaurant. On the other side of the restaurant, they had a bar along with a football game on TV. The delightful aroma of the food walking by us floated across the restaurant. 

Reviewing the menu, they had so many options to choose from, but they’re known for their chicken tenders ($11.99), so I got those. The chicken tenders come with two sides, so I also ordered bacon cheese fries and a side salad as my side. As an appetizer, they give you free honey butter croissants. The honey butter croissants are a ten out of ten if you like honey butter. They are soft, warm, and fluffy, and they bring them out about 5 minutes after you sit down. Since the food takes a while most of the time, they are a perfect appetizer. The service was perfect. While it might take you 10-15 minutes to get a table, the service checks on you a lot once you’re seated, making sure you have plenty to drink, and they will offer a second round of those yummy honey butter croissants. 

The food tasted fresh and warm. The dish was well put together. The breading on the chicken tenders was so crispy. The chicken tenders were cooked to perfection. It came with honey mustard and homemade ranch. The honey mustard was the perfect type, it wasn’t too tangy or too sweet, and it had a good consistency; it was just thick enough to hold on to the tenders. The cheese fries were warm, the cheese was melty, and the bacon was fresh. The fries had the perfect texture. I am definitely eating here again.  

My overall recommendation is to eat there. I would give it 4 and a half stars, but only because there is a wait. The food itself is 5 stars. The service is friendly. It’s a perfect place to go to on Sunday.