Tangled Movie Review

Tangled Movie Review

The well known and loved Disney movie, Tangled, is a heartwarming story that melts the hearts of children and adults. The beloved fantasy movie was crafted in 2010 and directed by Nathan Greno and Byro Howard. It’s cast includes but is not limited to Many Moore, Zachary Levi, Donna Murphy, and Nathan Greno. This wholesome film is set in a fantasy island kingdom, Corona, in the 1700’s. The movie itself is adventurous, comedic, and sweet, as it’s told to be a story of true love.  

 Rapunzel is a princess; however, she was stolen from her crib after being born by an old woman named Mother Gothel who is presented as ugly and evil. Mother Gothel wants Rapunzel’s magical hair to bring her youth and beauty. To keep Rapunzel from finding out her identity as the princess so that she can keep her youth, she locks her in a mystical tower in a forest and raises her as her own. Rapunzel grows up to be a sweet and incredibly caring girl but yearns to see the world. Flynn Ryder, who is also known as Eugine and a convicted criminal, discovers her in the tower and ends up giving Rapunzel the opportunities that bring her out of the tower and into the whimsical kingdom that belongs to her parents. Rapunzel and Flynn go out living through adventures and experiences that gave Rapunzel life after being lonely for her whole life. Rapunzel and Flynn’s lighthearted adventures came to an end when Mother Gothel discovers Rapunzel has escaped and has been out in the real world. Rapunzel and Flynn now must survive Gothel’s manipulative struggles to bring Rapunzel back for her own benefit. 

 The plot of this movie is fantastic and well written. There are points that give great meaning to people learning how to live life with many struggles thrown at them. Tangled has a way deeper meaning than just a lighthearted story with amazing graphics and characters. This movie is determined to hit hard for the people that grow up with families that caused pain for them. Tangled gives a sense of hope to people who think that family struggles get in the way of life. Through the fight, Rapunzel shines as a role model to these people that need the support in their life to get through struggles.  

 Overall, Tangled serves a great message of hope. Along with this meaningful message, it provides incredible songs that convey emotion beautifully in a way that the audience automatically connects, becomes invested, and truly part of the film. The emotional connection is provoked by bright, beautiful, vibrant arrays of color, a heartfelt love story, and lovable characters. The audience truly feels love in their hearts when watching something as simple as this venturesome love story.  

 In the end, Tangled is a breathtaking film that will touch the hearts of many. The story of a girl finding her way in life will continue to be one of the many favorites of Disney movies. Given its superiority to many other movies, Tangled shall live on to be the whimsical tale that continues to move hearts.