“Titanic” Movie Review

Titanic Movie Review

The drama/romance film “Titanic”, directed by James Cameron, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, is a film that involves two people who fall in love aboard the R.M.S Titanic. This movie takes place in the year 1912, when the Titanic sailed away, but shortly after the ship tragically perished to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) boards the Titanic as a 3rd-class passenger with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. That is until he sets eyes on this beautiful, 1st-class girl he meets on the ship: Rose-Dewitt Bukater (Kate Winslet). The two young passengers fall in love while aboard the Titanic; despite the hardships they face, and the fact that they are forbidden to be with each other because they were born in polarizing worlds, this is what draws their hearts together. Jack and Rose are unknown what is coming, and it is only a matter of time before the Titanic hits the iceberg and sinks to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Will the two lovers make it out alive together? Or will the ship’s ill fate determine the end of their undying love story?

There are many aspects that make this movie incredible, but one factor would be how amazing the acting in the movie was. For one, nobody could fit the role of Jack Dawson as well as Leonardo Dicaprio. Jack, who brings fun and entertainment to the movie screen, is perfectly portrayed by Dicaprio. As well as Kate Winslet, who represented Rose’s character outstandingly. Rose had been in a bad position from the beginning of the movie, and the acting had to be intense, serious; yet she had to be playful and open-minded. No one else could have played the role better than Winslet. Not to mention, the acting in the movie was very realistic. The actors had an instant connection toward each other and could easily show their affection to one another; that is one of the reasons Jack and Rose are so loveable. For example, in the movie, the iconic scene where Jack teaches Rose to fly is in fact, the most famous scene in cinematic history. This could never be accomplished with any amateur actor, but someone who shows dedication and enthusiasm to their role; just like Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

In addition, the editing in the movie was remarkable, considering that the movie was released in 1997, when filmmakers did not have as advanced technology as they do today. James Cameron did not disappoint with making his movie look as realistic as possible. His movie “Titanic,” was one of the greatest films in history. James Cameron traveled 13,000 feet (about half the height of Mount Everest) down to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean just to get footage of the real wreckage of the Titanic. One of the scenes that made the film so pragmatic was when the Titanic is flooding with water after being hit by the iceberg. It felt like you were right there, experiencing the dreadful night along with the rest of the passengers aboard the ship. To add on, after the ship had finally gone down, the scene shifts from being loud and chaotic, to deafening silence, as surviving passengers are left in the eerie darkness of the freezing-cold water. Cameron did an excellent job portraying the emotions and interactions throughout the film, and truly could not have done anything to make this film better.

Overall, the film “Titanic,” is doubtlessly a 10/10. It has the most lovable characters, and even though the movie is 3 hours long, there is never a dull moment. It keeps you on the edge of your seat with intensity and suspense throughout the entirety of the film. The film is rooted in true history and includes real people and historical interactions among passengers aboard the Titanic. This all-inspiring movie can make you laugh, cry, and will leave you thinking about it for weeks on end. There is nothing that could top the production of “Titanic” and it most definitely deserves a 5-star rating. Not only is this movie a lesson in history, but also a story of a beautiful romance. I 100% recommend watching this film, in fact, if I had to choose one last movie to watch, it would be James Cameron’s “Titanic.”