Women’s History Month


Women’s History month is the celebration of all the accomplishments and contributions that women made throughout history. All these observations are done and memorialized annually in the month of March.

Women’s History month first began as just a week started by The Education Task Force of Sonoma County, California back in 1978. Their message was then spread around school districts and communities and eventually the country, causing congress to pass Law 100-9, declaring March a month to highlight and honor the vital roles played by women in culture, society, and the world. 

Women have made an everlasting impact on humanity and continue to do so today. Whether it be Susan B Anthony a popular advocate for women’s right to vote. Marie Curie was a polish scientist who discovered 2 elements and was the first woman to win a Noble Prize. Malala Yousafzai a young school girl who wrote a diary based on the harsh conditions of living under the Taliban (especially as a woman), and so many more. 

There are so many different yet important ways to show respect and celebrate women’s history month. 

-Take action and help charities helping young women and girls in need. Just a little help can really go a long way to help empower these women and girls. 

Live your Dreams  

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Be a Force of Change  

Lifechanging Program for Disadvantaged Women in Thailand 

-Take time to educate yourself and be aware of the issues that women have to face on a regular basis. You can do this by reading books made by women, and watching TED talks, shows, and movies that center around women.  

-Support local women-owned businesses, authors, artists, and musicians. A lot of women are not usually credited or known for their incredible work. As a result, taking time out of your day to notice and spread the creativity of another can be greatly beneficial.

-Spread Awareness on Social Media. Spreading information on social media is a great way to garner attention towards topics that really do matter.

Women’s History Month is now celebrated in nearly every country and every March reminds us of how grateful that these women were able to stand up for what they believed in and what they could do. With all this in mind, it is so crucial that we as a society understand and acknowledge the utter importance of women, and all of the achievements that have paved the way for our future.