Asking Wildcats : How Are You Preparing for Finals?


It’s finally fourth quarter! While summer fun is very exciting after a long year of hard work, fourth quarter also means finals are right around the corner.

We asked the students of Wesley Chapel high what they’re doing to get prepared for their finals.

Alison Offut and Madisen Stewart

Alison Offut, Junior.I’m just kind of studying but like monitoring how long I study because it can be tiring and most of my teachers having studying plans. Which are perfect to make sure we don’t get to tired and that we’re just like all studying and getting everything in. I go to Starbucks a lot so I can get my drink have fun with that and then also study at the same time.”

Madisen Stewart, Sophomore “I’ve been preparing for finals by just keeping up on school work and studying a lot, writing lots of notes, just trying to focus on school work.”

Paapa Kusi, Senior ” reviewing my notes, studying with my friends, watching videos online”

Paapa Kusi

Jayda Murry, Freshman “I’m just going to wing it if I’m being honest with you, like there not much I can really do. If  feel like I have a lucky guess I’m going to take that lucky guess.”

Zachery Hernandez, Junior ” Studying of course , getting lots of rest, you know eating well, reading a lot”

Dashaun Wright Junior, ”  probably going to study a lot more”

Saniyah Henry, freshman ” Finals I didn’t know we had finals so I am not really prepared, so I guess I’ll start preparing”

Neriya Stevens, Freshman ” I study at least 3 hours after school”

Johanna Joji, Freshman “What I do to prepare for finals are pretty much review all the material my teachers give and if I need extra review ill just go on YouTube.”

Elise Bose

Katelyn Kocceja Freshman “ I’m preparing by buying these flashcard online, to like practice for the test. I also read over my other lessons.”

Elazar Destin, Freshman ” I study for six hour a day for the test.”

Hailey Goolsby, Junior  “I am studying quizlets and handbooks.”

Elise Bose, Freshman “I have the preparation books from Barnes and Noble.”

We are happy to see many students are preparing for finals, good luck WCHS!