Auto Academy Passes the Test

Several Students Become Certified


Congratulation to these students who passed there auto ASES’S test: 

Alyssa Terrell 

Jacob Caudill 

Austin Mira   

Damon Stone 

Colten Fuston 

Jacob Wash 

Joseph (Wyatt) Daniel 

Trent Barcelona 

Tyler Treuberg

ASE is a national testing organization which sets standards for automotive technicians. To become certified by ASE, a technician first must have repair experience on a particular system, then take and pass the ASE test for that system. The auto students take this test during their third and fourth year. The courses are spread out over 2 years, as there are 8 categories of study.

Once certified students can take their certificates right to prospective employers. For examples ASE  partners with companies such as Toyota, Lexis, Honda, etc. 

“I have been in the automotive program Sent freshman year” said Jacob Caudill. an automotive student who just earned his certification. “The automotive program shows me all the ways and if something went wrong,” he continued. 

All Instructors are required to maintain current ASE Certifications, ensuring the technicians of tomorrow are learning first hand from automotive service professionals. As the nation’s automotive service industry leaders, ASE re-imagined a new way of cultivating an inspired workforce. They set out to bridge the gap between the employer’s needs and how we instruct our students by looking at the big picture—the entire learning lifecycle—and designed a solution that aligns schools, students, instructors, training managers, and employers in a universal system. . 

Wesley Chapel  Auto program provides real life experience that will get you noticed by employers.