Staying Cool In the Summer Sun


Summer in Florida is extremely hot, and it can be hard to stay cool in the Sunshine state, but there are plenty of fun ways to beat the summer heat! There are so many exciting things to do throughout the state, but there are also ways to have your very own summer blast in your own backyard.

Home-made Slip and Slide:
One of the best ways to stay cool during the hotter months is some nice, chilly water. With some simple materials such as plastic sheeting or a tarp, and weights to hold it down; you could make your own slip and slide in your very own backyard. You could even provide pool noodles to add edges to the slide, just add running water and be carefree in the sun.

Water Balloons:
An increasingly popular past time for summer involves a wide variety of water games! A classic water activity is water balloon fights. This carefree activity is simple to set up, with the only needed materials is access to a water source and balloons. Simply fill up the empty balloons with water and you are all set to have a fantastic water fight, there are also DIY water balloon kits equipped with pumpers and multifittings for your hose or faucet. Team up with friends and family to enjoy the summer weather and an amazing day of fun for everyone.

Splash Golf:
A fun and easy game to keep cool this summer is Splash Golf. The only materials you will need are sponges, water, buckets, and numbers. To play the game, one must number the buckets, fill them with water and throw a sponge into each bucket. The objective of the game is to get the sponge into all the buckets with the least number of attempts, however many times you miss throwing the sponge into the bucket you will need to squeeze the sponge over your head.

Slushies and Smoothies:
A tasty way to have fun in the sun is some sweet, cold, treats! Making slushies and smoothies during the hotter months is a wonderful way to have fun in the sun. Simply gather some of your favorite fruits and ice and create your own lovely treats right in the comfort of your own home; staying out of the heat while enjoying a treat.

There are plenty of great ways to stay cool over the summer, so be safe in the sun and have fun!