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Wesley Chapel High School Pawprints Student Newspaper

Wesley Chapel High School - Newspaper Pawprints

Wesley Chapel High School Pawprints Student Newspaper

Wesley Chapel High School - Newspaper Pawprints

WCHS Cross Country Team Perspective


Cross Country is one sport that not many people talk about, but they know
what it is. Cross Country is known to be one of the hardest sports in high school
because it’s stressful physically and mentally, and all about pushing yourself past
your limit. After talking to a few members on the team one of the things that I
heard frequently is that it tests your mental strength. How willing are you to push
past the pain, cramps, etc.? These students push themselves not only during their
meets but during their practices too.

Coaches Mr. Hayden and Doctor Hayden condition these students three
times a week for two hours helping them grow as runners. Mr. Hayden
encourages track students to join because it would keep them in shape and help
them grow as a runner. The members practice outside of school walls too! Some
like Chris Wilson and Xavier Hernandez say they run together while others run
alone or go to the gym. Even with Florida heat these kids still pull through. The
thing that keeps many from participating is the pain these members go through.
“If you want to get better, you must be consistent in this sport and not be afraid
of pain.” Girls team member Hannah Michel explained. Many people wonder why
these highschoolers decide to participate in this sport. Most like Cecilia Michel
claims it is to stay in shape and prep for the track season or like Adrian Brooks,
are passionate about running and condition every day after school.

On Saturdays the cross Country wakes up early to go to their meet. As soon as
they get there they start warming up and preparing. After they cross the finish
line, they continue to walk to avoid cramps and drink water to stay hydrated. The
team occasionally eats brunch together and celebrate. The members claim
that it isn’t very time-consuming, energy is just lost. Members are still able to do
chores, homework, participate in other sports, and spend time with friends and

Our 2023-2024 team has good sportsmanship and always cheer each other
on with running the 5k. They train together to hope to make it to regionals.
The members of the boys Cross Country team are Xavier Hernandez, Skyler
Kingston, Chis Willson, Jason Alonso, Adrian Brooks, and Ryan Dickson. The
members of the team include Cecelia Mitchel, Annabel Luis, Hannah Mitchel,
Kaiya Cooper, Sania Boateng, Jocelyn Solomen, Jayden Murry, Lauren McGraw,
Ava Trigueros. Though it isn’t just an independent sport, it is also considered a
team sport “In the end it’s all in your head. “Although having your teammates
support you through the pain helps a lot.” Xavier Hernandez Quotes. As the
season commences, it may start off individually but as the season progresses it
can turn into more of a team effort!

You can learn a lot from cross Country whether it helps with the sport or
with other things in your life. Senior boys team member Adrian Brooks, who is
captain of the team and has been on for more than a year said “Everything relies
on you and what you put your faith in. You are the only one who can push
yourself to catch someone, stay ahead, and finish. There is no luck in cross
country, everything you earn what you worked for. Everything comes back to
mental strength and being able to persevere. If you work hard, you will start
seeing the results you desire.”

Don’t doubt joining the team because you think it’s too difficult, everyone
starts somewhere. “It’s all about mentally and physically to keep going and it will
be hard at first, but once you continue to work, you improve.” Sania Boateng
stated according to yfnacademy.com “Cross-country runners develop a greater
understanding of their own capabilities and self-worth”. All the members mainly
focus on their own improvement and helping encourage others.

Go support our Cross Country Wildcats at their meets during the weekend.
These students work very hard to get where they are now! They train hard and
put their bodies through pain to accomplish their goal. Pushing yourself past your
limit isn’t easy and these students deserve to be noticed for their hard work.
Good luck Cross Country Wildcats!

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