Former Yankee Kevin Mahoney Gets Traded To The Wesley Chapel Wildcats

Former Yankee Kevin Mahoney Gets Traded To The Wesley Chapel Wildcats

If you play sports, you can understand the time and dedication it takes to perfect your skills, and you know how hard it would be if all your progress was destroyed after one life-changing event. WCHS Math teacher, Kevin Mahoney, once played professional baseball for the New York Yankees from 2009 to 2014, but his career was cut short after multiple injuries and surgeries. Though this was tough, Mahoney explains how grateful he is for the life he has now and wouldn’t change a thing. 

Mahoney starts his story growing up right outside of New York City, in Long Island New York.  He lived in a household where baseball was a major part of his childhood, he and his two older brothers grew up playing baseball, Kevin Mahoney would then continue to play in college, and eventually go pro.  

 “I played and coached for the New York Yankies for 13 years. Every player you see in New York I’ve probably coached or played with.” Mahoney states.

Canisius Hall of Fame.

The road to success was not as easy as it sounds. Mahoney explains how rigorous and difficult it was to make it pro. He even states how difficult it was to be able to play in college. “I was told I’d never be good enough to play in college, but I made it. Then they told me I’d never get drafted, but then I was.” Mahoney adds. But Mahoney kept pushing. He worked hard for what he wanted all through high school. He knew his weaknesses, but that wouldn’t keep him from doing what he loved. Eventually, all his hard work paid off when he was admitted into Canisius College, in Buffalo, New York, where he played for the Golden Griffins. He played as a third baseman, first baseman and second baseman. Mahoney was one of 15 players drafted into the major league baseball association from Canisius college and he earned his spot in the Canisius Hall of Fame in 2019. 

“The key to success: Find something you enjoy doing. If you can find something you enjoy doing, and turn it into a career, I think that’s a successful life.” – Kevin Mahoney 

Kevin Mahoney, coaching for the Johnson City Doughboys.

Mahoney was drafted as a third baseman on the New York Yankees soon after college. Early in his baseball career his first child was born. His priorities shifted from being completely focused on playing baseball, to fully making sure his family was happy, healthy, and taken care of. Due to the low-income minor-league baseball players made, it was financially challenging to support his family. He had to figure out how to support a family of three and still manage to play professional baseball. Mahoney says, “I worked in the off season, I painted houses, did valet and I worked at Home Depot. I had a kid in the middle of my career, I had to support them.” And he did. Mahoney was able to support his family and continue to play baseball, without letting stress and pressure overcome him. Though having a child was difficult, it is not what ended his career for good. Mahoney suffered from a shoulder injury, as well as an elbow injury, resulting in surgery that would never allow him to play professionally again. Mahoney demonstrates, “I made it pro, and then got injured. I had played for years before becoming injured multiple times. I had to have elbow surgery and shoulder surgery, which ended my career.” 

This was not the last time Kevin Mahoney would step foot on the baseball field. He then coached the Yankees for many more years. He currently coaches for the Johnson City Doughboys: A baseball team in Tennessee. When he’s not working during the school year, he coaches them over the summer. 


Some things Mahoney states he misses about his career was the competition he faced. He enjoyed playing against those who had the same drive and skills he had, and that he would never get that kind of opportunity to play with those people again. On the other hand, he shares that he would not miss the long hours he spent traveling or being away from his family.  

 Kevin Mahoney is now a math teacher at Wesley Chapel High School. “Coaching is teaching, that’s one of the reasons I teach now. I’d rather be home and be with my family than be on the road.” He is now married with two kids, and he states that he wouldn’t choose anything over them, not even baseball.  

 A word of advice from Kevin Mahoney:  

“Be the best you can be or someone else can take your shoes.”