Chloe Danielson is D2 Bound

Chloe Danielson signs with Catawba College


Chloe in her Catawba uniform.

Chloe Danielson will be continuing her academic and volleyball career at Catawba College in North Carolina, along with her older sister Jordan Danielson. They played together for 2 years in Chloe’s freshman and sophomore year.

Catawba College in Salisbury, North Carolina is a D2 school. (A D2 school is a Division 2 school, which is very competitive and difficult to get in to.)  It is a small town but has everything you need. It is a four year private college that is ranked number 4 in best colleges in the south. ” I plan on maintaining my sport and college work by how I do now in high school, which is being aware of my study habits and setting reminders for myself,” Chloe added.

As for her Catawba, Chloe is excited  about the opportunity to play for them. “When I went on my visit there with my sister, we really liked the school and where it was at. The coach told us that she really wanted us to play for her”. Chloe emphasized that it was a huge relief trying to find a school for over a year and she is very excited. “All of my friends were so supported and proud of me and also my family was proud of me because they have been by my side through all of this journey.”

The College logo.

Chloe’s athletic journey began as a softball player. She played for seven years when very young. This experience laid the groundwork for an athlete journey that would eventually lead to volleyball. However, Chloe admits if she had any advice for her younger self during this time it would be “I would tell my younger self to stop doubting myself because everything will work out in the end.”

Chloe started playing volleyball at the age of 14. During the summer, Chloe would go to summer camps and Rec centers. During this time, Chloe kept playing  and her love of volleyball continued to grow. “My younger self would be proud that I pushed through all of the struggles of the recruiting journey and being shot down but I made it.”

Chloe playing against Newsome at a volleyball tournament in September.

When asked why she loves her sport, ” I love the energy that is shared with each player that makes it so much fun.” She elaborated, ” I had so much fun playing a sport here at Chapel because going from travel volleyball to high school volleyball was such a change in atmosphere because it was a lot less stressful due to the fans,” Chloe added, “I am going to try my hardest to visit and watch the volleyball team again because I will miss them.”

Not only are Chloe’s stats and play on the court impressive but she is also academically successful.  Chloe takes honors and AP courses at Chapel while maintaining a 4.2 GPA. She is able to commit to excellence on and off the court.

As for getting signed she has some insight for other athletes. “It is important to get your self out there, get on sites and apps because not every coach can make it to every tournament or high school game so you need to have film up for them to see. Also be aware how you act during games because they are looking at your skills and how you act to your teammates, ” she explained.

During the signing, Coach Collison shared her thoughts on the time she spent coaching Chloe here at Chapel.  ” Chloe has been a leader on and off the court and has been a great role model for our underclassman. Chloe has accomplished  so many things since she has been here for example, getting 1000 kills in her career, broken 2 records; most kills in a game and most kills in a season. As you continue your academic and playing career at Catawba my advice for you is to continue to be the best person you can be, enjoy the opportunity of getting to play with your sister again, cherish every second as it will fly by and of course have fun.”  Coach Collison was visibly moved from not only Chloe’s success not only on the court but as a strong teammate, leader and person.

 Chloe’s stats from her volleyball career:

Chloe’s family at the signing on Wednesday.
  • Kills: 1041
  • Hitting percentage: .334
  • Sets played: 325
  • Blocks: 300
  • Aces: 166