Cradle, Scoop, Throw and Catch

Megan Holleran commits to Converse U


Megan in her natural form.

Megan Holleran committed to Converse University in South Carolina for lacrosse.

Megan playing against Pasco High School her junior year.

Converse University is a D2 private, 4 year college in Spartanburg South Carolina.” The atmosphere is really amazing and the coaches and team are amazing, and I’m in love with the campus.” Megan will be studying biology in college and hope to go to medical school. ” I plan on maintain my studies and my sport by balancing it out, talking to my coaches and my professors and just try my hardest.”

Converse College logo.

“I found out in November and I had a couple calls with my coaches and I went to visit and we talked about it. A couple of days later I was signed” Megan said. “My parents were really happy, they wanted me to get signed so they were extremely happy that I did.” Megan’s dad was a major factor in helping Megan get signed.”We are super proud of her, she put in a lot of hard work and we couldn’t be any prouder.”  Megan’s parents said to make sure their child sticks with their sport and they will benefit from it very much.

Megan posing for a picture against Cypress High School.

Megan stared playing her sport in 6th grade. “I love lacrosse because it is really fun and I’ve grown up playing it and it really makes me happy” Megan emphasized. “The Chapel team here was great, we had a great community and the girls are amazing, we had so much fun while we were playing”. I really would love to come back and watch the lacrosse team next year.”

Megan’s hope and dreams when growing up were getting signed. When asked for any advice for underclassman, “keep going; for a little bit I thought I wan’t going to get signed and I got really sad but I just kept calling people and look where I am now.”  Megan says “I want to tell my younger self that don’t give up and don’t be discouraged.”

Megan and her parents at the signing on Wednesday.

Lacrosse is a team sport that is played with at least 12 people on. When men play they are a contact sport and wear many protective gear such as gloves, helmets, shoulder pads and elbow pads. While women’s lacrosse is a non-contact sport and only wear eye gear, except for the goalie. It is a competitive sport and uses long sticks to catch lacrosse balls. Between the team, players pass, catch, scoop, and throw the ball to get it in the goal.

Down below are Megan’s stats:

Scoring: 101

Fielding: 73

These are her Sophomore and Junior year statistics.