Softball Captain Courtney Marks Commits to WCU


Photo Provided by Marks

Junior, short stop and outfielder and Varsity Captain Courtney Marks

Courtney Marks, captain of WCHS girls’ softball has been accepted into Western Carolina University to continue her softball career. Marks has had an impressive high school career. Marks has played varsity volleyball as well as softball while maintaining AP and Dual Enrollment (DE) classes.

Standing at 5’2” the junior outfielder and short stop has played 18 high school games and has a .455 average, a .538 OBP, 26 R, 25 H and an RBI of 10, far above the national high school average. Marks is ranked 119 in Florida. Marks has been awarded Player of the Game two times in 2021 for her outstanding performance on the field against Gulf and Central High School. Marks started playing T ball when she was four, Marks decided she wanted to play softball in college when she was nine. Marks states, “I watched a Women’s College World Series for the

Marks batting

first time, and I was like ‘wow that’s really cool, I want to be able to have the opportunity to compete on a stage like that.’” Mark’s hard work throughout her entire career paid off when WCU offered her a spot on their division one team. Marks says receiving WCU’s offer was “the best experience I’ve ever had I think I was so excited, and it was just overall a very, very exciting moment for me.” WCU is a wonderful school located in the Southern Appalachian mountains of Cullowhee, North Carolina. WCU is ranked 10th in public schools in the South ( Marks is not only excellent on the field but also in the classroom. Marks is taking AP seminar and calculus, DE oceanography, marine biology, US history and chemistry. Marks gives insight to how she manages her time between school and sports, “I have a planner I put all my due dates in and highlight sports versus school. Some weeks are harder than others but for the most part its kind of a time management.”

Marks on her visit to WCU

Marks advises student athletes trying to play in college to “just work hard and set goals. I think goals are important, so you know what you want. If you know what you want then you know where you want to go.” For students starting out in softball Marks says, “work hard, try to understand all of your teammates cause everyone’s different. I think it’s important as a player that you understand the people that are around you.”

Marks is an exceptional athlete and student, a great addition to WCHS with a bright future at WCU. Marks hopes to have fun and enjoy her time at WCU while she has the opportunity to play in college. Mark says, “It’s one of those things that is a special opportunity and I think it’s important to value every moment that I get there.” Marks plans to expand and further her softball career at WCU by learning about herself while helping the people around her. Marks feels “I think it’s important that I learn lessons and I think it’s important that I get better as a player and a person.” WCHS is so proud to see the talented outfielder and short stop continue her career at WCU and grow her talent in North Carolina.