Goal for Pasco-Hernando!

Senior, Nemesis Arroyo, 17 signed to Pasco-Hernando State School February 1 for National Signing Day. Nemesis (Neme for short), an impactful and humble player, is grateful for the opportunities she’s worked for during high school and moving to the next level.

Neme is a very accomplished athlete 0f her status, scoring 1.8 goals per game which is close to the national average with 2.4 goals per game making her a very talented player in her field. Nemesis plays the position of midfielder (M, MF)- the midfielders are players who are position in the front of the back defenders and behind forwards, otherwise playing in the middle of the field. The MF’s main goals throughout the game is to protect the net, direct and organize defenses, and to move the ball forward on the field.

MF Position Nemesis Arroyo plays (soccer-training-guide.com)

Neme started playing soccer at a young age, idolizing her brother who she grew up watching play, inspired by his games and looking up to him as both a talented player and a big brother. She started playing competitively at the age of 7, starting with recreational to develop the enjoyment of soccer, before she graduated to travel to further work on team and player development building competitive spirits. After Travel soccer she moved onto Club soccer which allowed her to be given opportunities for those young player’s to lean more about the nationally loved sport. And now reaching high school soccer which has propelled her name to reach the attention of Pasco-Hernando State School.

During her high school soccer career, Neme’s skills progressed giving her more experience and values to last a lifetime in the sport, showing her a very promising career. These values that she has learned over the 10 years she has played soccer has made her a wonderful team member experienced in leadership skills,  has rightfully earned her way up to a scholarship her senior year to pursue her dreams of playing the widely loved sport.

Nemesis Arroyo (far left with yellow crocs) and her fellow soccer players 2021.

When the talented player found out she was getting signed to Pasco-Hernando State School when coach Mark Leonard, the head coach at PHSC who has been coaching for the past 18 years, reached out to her about playing for their state college team, given the fact that she had known coach Mark for years she was over the moon at accepting the offer and the scholarship. “Coach Mark has pushed me to my limits the most and I’m glad I get to playing with him after I graduate high school

When Neme was asked what she loved about her sport, she had the answer of a true soccer player; stating, “I love how competitive it is, on the field is the area I can be myself.” Finding your true calling in this world is not an easy task, and even if someone does find their passion pursuing a career in that field is something that is not always a guarantee; so Neme having the chance to play this sport on a scholarship is a dream come true.

The determined athlete is supported by not only her coach, but by countless friends and family members who were so excited to celebrate their loved ones success. Even coming down to WCHS during signing day February 1. When Neme was questioned on who the most influential person in her life, she warmed hearts by her response. “My mom, she is basically my idol. I look up to her in all aspects, and I hope that one day when I grow up I can be half of what she is.” With a wonderful support system of friends, family, teammates, and coaches it no wonder she has gone so far in this path and we know she will go even further.

Neme and her family (top right corner)

“I didn’t even think I would get this far, I got into this bad injury last year so I didn’t even think I would be able to pursue soccer after high school so this is the greatest surprise I could have asked for. I almost tore my ankle paying district.” Overcoming any injury especially when playing a sport is not something that can be overcome easily. While your body heals you also have to fight the mental challenges of facing the reality that playing the sport you have played for years, might not be where your future lies. “I was out for over a month,” She replied, “I didn’t think I was gonna be able to come back and play the same game.” Even though Neme has since overcome this horrible injury, it was not an easy recover. Her whole life as turned upside down after one game and while she recovered many athletes have not. The challenge of physical recovery can lead to depression and anxiety as well as the physical restricts, so the fact that Neme was able to overcome the injury and continue to push towards her dreams and ambitions makes her signing to PHSC even more special.

With the struggle of maintaining good grades and playing sports during studies is something all athletes need to go through during high school but the challenge is far from over. The athlete will be going to college for a nursing degree, “balancing grades and sports has been something I’ve been doing my whole life so I’ve been doing a pretty good job.” With her amazing grades as well as her physical talents there is no doubt she will succeed.

While Neme Arroyo’s high school chapter will end, a new chapter in her life is just beginning. With a college scholarship in sight, a bright future in soccer, a nurse in training; she will be busy but everyone at WCHS is proud of her accomplishments and the challenges she has overcome to get where she is.