Lebron James Breaks Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s Scoring Record!


Lebron James broke NBA legend’s Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record Tuesday night, February 7th at the Crypto Arena Center. He scored his 36th point on a fadeaway jumper against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Scoring a mind blowing 38,388 points Lebron is now the All-Time leading scorer of the history of the NBA.

Abdul-Jabbar held the record since April 5, 1984 when he surpassed Wilt Chamberlain’s 31,419 points. He held this title for 39 years.  Abdul-Jabbar was at the game when Lebron become the new record holder.  In fact, they paused the game for the two men embraced.  Abdul-Jabbar held the basketball aloft and handed it to James, a ceremonial passing of the torch.

“I had a moment when it happened, and I embraced that moment,” James said. “Seeing my family and friends, the people that’s been around me since I started this journey to the NBA, definitely very emotional right there.”

Lebron James is now in his 20th year of playing NBA basketball and is 38 years old. This is truly an amazing goal that Lebron has accomplished despite his age. This scoring recording set by Lebron is going to be near impossible to beat considering he is still going to be playing and scoring more points game by game.

Lebron James’s records do not just stop at the NBA’s All Time scorer he also is top 5 in assist with Steve Nash, with a mind bending 10,335 assist. Lebron fans were mind blown with this accomplishment because they never knew how good of a passer he really is. Lebron also has four NBA Championship Final rings and he has appeared in 10 NBA Final games.

Lebron James is currently averaging over 30 points per game, 8 rebounds and 7 assist. This is truly a crazy stat line for a person of his age. Lebron is ranked number 7 in the 2022-2023 NBA season leading scorers list, under people like Damian Lillard, Jayson Tatum, and Luka Doncic. Lebron James has also made 19! All-Star game appearances, he went to the All- Star game nearly every year of his 20 year career.

Varsity Basketball Player: (Mathys Coulibaly)

Q. What do you think about Lebron James breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record.

A.” Lebron breaking Kareem’s scoring record is ridiculous, that is really an unbeatable record because nobody is staying in the NBA as long as Lebron. Lebron is like 60 years old still breaking records in NBA, that is crazy to think about. Lebron beating Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s record definitely makes him the goat of basketball”.

JV Basketball Player: (Cooper Peat)

                                                                                                                       Q. What do you think about Lebron James Breaking Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s scoring record.

A. ” I think it should make him the goat because of all his accomplishments and all of the people he has beat , especially the comeback in the playoffs when he was down 3-1 to the warriors. Also all these accomplishment that he has over Michael Jordan other than rings should make him the greatest of all time. I was very surprised to see him beat Kareem’s record and I feel like no one will beat his record in the history of the NBA”.