Cole Lipinski signed to Allegany college for Soccer


17-year-old senior Cole Lipinski has signed with Allegany College of Maryland on a Soccer scholarship. Cole, a compassionate and bright student, has always brought out a strong work ethic not only in himself, but in his teammates. Cole has had a lengthy and accomplished high school career and is excited about this new chapter in his life. 

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Cole has been playing a multitude of different sports ever since he was little, finally settling on Soccer in 6th grade. He’s always had an interest in the sport and was able to explore it more then. “I had bounced around a couple sports prior, but watching soccer with my dad when I was younger really got me into playing” he said.

Getting signed is a big accomplishment. Many high school athletes strive for the opportunity to go to a university on a sports scholarship. But a lot of people aren’t sure where to start. “Putting yourself out there is huge, emailing coaches is key in getting interest. Getting film of yourself as early as possible allows you to work with more to show coaches. Educating yourself on the most crucial attributes to show a coach is also incredibly useful.”  

 Cole has been working hard in his sport for the chance to get signed. Which means he’s had to overcome a multitude of challenges in his soccer career to improve. “I started later than a lot of kids I play with did, I only started playing in 6th grade, so I was behind from the start. pairing that with my lack of natural athleticism and I had to work very hard to catch up and be competitive.” 

 Many people say sports can be mentally taxing and takes constant drive to stay competitive. Cole has been able to keep himself motivated while playing soccer and because of that, he’s able to achieve a lot in his soccer career. “I am a naturally competitive person, winning is a huge drive for me to keep playing, working to get better and be a part of a team to improve as a whole is satisfying. To see the work payoff is even more rewarding” he added.

 His signing is proof that hard work, dedication, and discipline can get you a long way not even just in athletics but

Wesley Chapel Vs. Lando

in life. That type of mindset is only ever beneficial. On top of a good work ethic Cole has other assets he brings to the team. “I am 6’0 180lbs, so my physicality and strength are definitely the strongest attribute of my game, especially considering I play as a center back. Being left footed doesn’t hurt either.” 

Cole is grateful for this opportunity, but he is far from finished with his hard work. “It feels good knowing that I’ve accomplished something, although it is just a steppingstone as I continue to see where I can take this. I am not yet satisfied, but I am content to have gotten an opportunity to improve myself and go further.”

Cole Lipinski is an inspired, hardworking, and altruistic young athlete. His mentality is a great example of a mindset needed to keep pushing and to succeed not only in your sport but in your day-to-day life. As he said himself, getting signed is only a steppingstone in his journey and we cannot wait to see where he goes from here.