Mills Carrillo Commits to University of Texas

Baseball freshman throws heat


Mills Carrillo

Mills Carrillo pitching at a Wesley Chapel varsity baseball game.

Mills Carrillo is a first-year, freshman student at Wesley Chapel, but he is not your average first-year student on the baseball field or in the classroom. Mills is a student who has already made an enormous impact on the baseball program at WCHS and has announced his commitment to the University of Texas, where he will be playing college baseball at a high division one level.

The University of Texas is a highly sought after college, for every hundred applicants, thirty-two are accepted into the school; getting into the university is a massive accomplishment especially for someone as young as Mills. However, his impressive academics and performance on the field helps in stand out on the field.

Mills Carrillo, star player and promising athlete

Mills is primarily a right handed pitcher with a fastball of up to a staggering 92 MPH, the same speed a major league pitchers; 27 innings pitched Mills has a record of 2-0 he leads the team in strikeouts with 35 and leading the team with the lowest ERA (earned run average) at 1.29 and when he toed the rubber against WCHS rival Cypress Creek, he threw a No Hitter leading the Wildcats to a 9-0 blowout win. Soon to be a Longhorn, Mills dominated the mound in the first half of the season.

“I enjoy pitching. I love that the batter can’t tell what you are about to throw,” Mills continued, ” I throw different types of pitches, like the cutter which throws batters off balance. It is fun to manipulate pitches.”

Mills is not only a pitcher, but he can also play about anywhere. He is a utility player, often playing 1st base, and the outfield. Mills is just as good with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage in thirty chances. He also hits third in the line up with a .255 batting average, twelve hits, 9 RBIs, and eight runs. These are phenomenal numbers for a player to have, making Mills a force to be reckoned with on the field.

“On the field he is a true competitor that doesn’t shy away from the big moment” words from head baseball coach, Coach Merrell. Mills has been a key factor on the mound this season already pitching in six of the ten wins.

Although Mills is a key factor on the team, he is very level headed, and believes it is a team effort. Mills explains “Do your job for your team, it is about the team. I want them team to well. ” He added, ” we have each other’s back, you got to.”

Mills started playing baseball when he was 4 years old, with tee ball and has playing baseball his whole life. In fact, baseball seems to be a family sport, his brother, Jake Carrillo, is also plays ball. He is committed to Saint Leo University, a division 2 School in Dade City Florida.

Family has been important to Mill’s success. His parents have been a huge support to Mill’s success on and off the field. Mills’ dad was a big help to him on the baseball side of life. On the field, his dad has helped in many ways. Off the field, his Mom has supported his academic success.

Mills explains, “Dad takes me to tournaments, games and other baseball activities. He is always pushing me to be better and improve.” His mom is another huge factor to his success in the classroom. Mills states, “Mom helps me with all my academics” Mills has a 4.0 GPA he says “ Go to class it’s not that hard. Just pay attention and do your work”. Mills added, “Even my grandmom will kick my butt, if I don’t mind my manners.”

Carrillo on the field

Mills overall is a good person Coach Merrell states, “off the field he gets good grades, is respectful to his peers and to people he doesn’t know.” Not only does his performance show on the field but can also be seen in the classroom. With a perfect 4.0 Mills states “4.0, not that hard, pay attention be respectful-work in class, have a good friend to work with.”

Mills has a bright future ahead of him he be an important member of the Wesley Chapel baseball team and Texas Longhorns baseball.