Late Buses at a Peak

Piles of late bus passes pile up on teachers’ desks. Eventually, there will be no desk to be seen. Just a huge array of colorful paper with a bus displayed on it. Late buses are causing issues left and right.  


To begin with, transportation by bus is vital for most students when it comes to getting to school. NRT Bus Inc. says, “Some 475,000 school buses carry 25 million children more than half of America’s school children each day”. Most of these children ride the bus because their guardian can’t get them to school. Parents must work, kids can’t drive yet, and the ones that can don’t have a vehicle of their own. These kids and parents rely on buses to get their child to school and get them there safely. 


With this behind said, the reliability on buses is extremely important to the educational quality that is necessary to be applied to kids’ educational process in school. This means that many people rely on buses to get their children to school so that they can get the high-quality education they deserve to go on through life. Buses are the stem of a plant. The transporter of what the plant needs. Kids are what the world needs. These kids are our future. These kids need to be transported to places where they learn how to run the world. The buses are that stem. Without the stem, the plant dies.  


“More than one out of 10 Boston school buses have been arriving late to school this fall, as officials have struggled over the past two months to match last year’s on-time performance, according to data released by the school system.” the Boston Globe reported. This means that 10% of buses don’t make it to school on time for the kids to start their first period on time. Some of the times they don’t make it to 2nd period, 3rd period, or even later.  


The curriculum taught in school is cumulative and builds from foundation up, like a building. One day kids learn what a functional equation is. The next day they learn the basic rules and principles for solving the equations. The next they will practice solving these equations. In that process they will learn from mistakes to better their understanding of the material. Every step is vital to the complete understanding of the curriculum that the students deserve to have. However, if even one period is missed, the structure and routine in that learning process gets torn apart. If a building didn’t have the 4 walls that support it, it is going to fall apart.  


Because the buses are causing students to miss out on important periods, they aren’t receiving the education needed to go through each level of the class, then college, then they don’t get the chance to follow through with certain careers because they continuously missed out on important teachings in various areas. This may sound like a stretch, but where would Einstein be if he wasn’t taught the basic rules and fundamentals of energy and how it moves?  


Jonathan Quinones- freshmen says “it’s been an hour and 30 minutes late before” when asked how late his bus has been. 


Lillian Capron-freshmen says, “I’ve missed 3 periods before.” She also claims, “it’s almost every day for certain periods of time that my bus will continuously be up to an hour late.”  


All in all, this is a major issue that has been occurring for far too long. the buses need to get kids to school on time, continuously. The future depends on it.