Talk It Out

A simple conversation can change the course of events


Students actively engaged in communication.

The verbal art called communication is something that has allowed us, as humans, to develop into a superior society. It has helped us create a lifestyle that has kept us from the complete destruction of humanity. Through the building of societies, conflicts in war, and creating of relationships between people, communication is factor one.   However, it has been 200,000 years since humans learned to communicate yet people can’t grasp how to do it and why they need to. 

To be more specific, a simple conversation can change the whole course of event. The fate of your life can be determined by what you choose to talk about and how you go about it. For example, prospective employees in job interviews choose their words carefully in order to make a good impression and hopefully secure employment. Or take the example of  a student that can’t communicate that they don’t understand math, then due to this inability, ends up a high school drop-out.

In addition to employment and academic success good communication skills are essential in maintaining relationships. For example,  a happy and healthy relationship can be shaken by an unexpected event or missed signals. However, that can be easily cleared up with a simple conversation.  Again, knowing how, when and what to communicate are essential.  

From a historical perspective , specifically from  1792 to 1750 B.C, Hammurabi’s Code was  established a set of laws put in place to keep Babylon a uniform society. History says that Hammurabi’s code was one of the first forms of government that helped guide a society. If Hammurabi’s code wasn’t set in place, Babylon may have been destroyed by its own citizens. 

It’s what holds us together…it’s what keeps peace.” Sophia V.L (freshmen) says. Without the ability to communicate feelings, emotions, and occurrences our society falls apart. says, “Communication is just as critical to problem solving as it is to building relationships. Times of crisis are typically confusing as everyone strives to make sense of the events. A strong communicator can quickly pinpoint where the problem lies and organize others to find a solution that works.”  

 Being able to talk about a misunderstanding or conflict is essential to finding out how that will be resolved. If a scenario goes without being talked about properly, it never gets fixed.

Problem solving is a huge form of communication that is vital, especially when working with other people. While working as a team, the essential goal will not be accomplished if you can’t talk and communicate properly. 

 Overall, learning how to communicate thoughts, feelings, and events are vital to being an important part of a substantial society. Talking can be hard, but living in the quiet is much worse.