TikTok is Beneficial for Everyone

TikTok is Beneficial for Everyone

TikTok is a social media platform where you can post short videos about art, beauty, challenges, dancing and so much more.  TikTok is a positive platform that allows users to promote businesses, find a community to share common interests with, and a place to learn new skills.

To begin, TikTok is a great platform to promote your businesses. “Top brands of Nepal, like Ncell Esewa, CG, Worldlink, Goldstar etc. have used this platform to promote their products and ensure public interest.” says an article by Tech Sathi, “The brands achieved a great number of user engagement with the help of short video clips.” Since these brands have gained several supporters through TikTok, more brands have joined TikTok to gain exposure and increase their sales. Tik Tok provides a medium for  smaller businesses to drive attention to their products, increase exposure and sales. 

In addition, people also tend to find a community where they can share their interests in fashion, beauty, music, and more on TikTok. “Well on her way to becoming a breakout star among her Study with Me peers is @medical_kat, a Dublin-based medical student with a Discord, TikTok, YouTube channel and Instagram.” says the Influencer Orchestration Network. “Her videos consist of tips and resources for students, study motivation and other concepts native to TikTok like pranks and Q&As. With almost 190,000 followers and 3 million likes, her focus on studying and supporting others with similar goals has created an intimate community where members uplift and motivate each other.” This is a wonderful way for people to find communities that will benefit them for the better and make a more positive atmosphere for others. 

Furthermore, TikTok can also be a great platform to find and learn new skills. Especially during the quarantine in 2020, people were locked down at home and didn’t know what to do.  They turned to TikTok to find new hobbies, interests, and skills. “Why turn to social media like TikTok? As Fanbytes noted in Digiday, TikTok is not a social network in the pure sense: users do not open the app to simply see updates from friends.” says an article by  Fanbytes, “TikTok is designed to constantly show users fresh content that will interest them, from any account on the platform. This makes it the perfect learning tool to explore interests and discover more about the world.” This can help the younger generation to discover new things about the world and can help people discover new things that may be interesting to them.  

Overall, TikTok is a great place to learn new skills, discover your own community, or start a business of your own. Some people may say it has flaws in its algorithm, communities, or people, but it is overall a positive platform that promotes the accepting of all people around the world.