Shooting Your Way Into A Scholarship


One of the most exciting day’s of an athlete’s life is national signing day. They have worked so hard all of their lives for this moment, to finally sign to their college of choice coming this February 1st. Athletes all around the world work day in and day out to even get a college scholarship, so national signing day is a very big day for them. These student athletes need to be celebrated because of the hard work they put in to get to this point. So lets celebrate them on their Big Day!

All of these athletes have been working so hard for honestly most of their lives. Everyday these athletes have to work diligently to get better at their sport, this takes an unbelievable amount of discipline and commitment. It is extremely hard to even get one college scholarship so signing day is one of the most important things to an athlete. From pee wee leagues to little leagues, these athletes have been through it all when it comes to sports and this shows their dedication and love for their sport. They have been working hard ever since they little and now all their hard work is paying off.

Balancing academics and sports is another very hard thing that student athletes have to do to make it to the next level of their careers. All the homework and practices are very difficult things to balance considering you have to be advanced in both sports and school. These student athletes have to put many hours in both and this shows their determination and is a big reason why they got to where they are, someone who falls behind in either category would not be able to make it to Signing Day.

No only do student athletes have to balance school, work, and sports but they need to balance their social life as well. Its not uncommon for most athletes throw their social lives away because of how much time school and sports take up, choosing instead to dive into their future careers in the sporting industry. Throwing away a social life is not an easy choice to do, which can lead to more stress and further conflicts that aren’t on the field. But in doing so, they show dedication to their practice, proving that they are willing to fight the fight.

These incredibly talented individuals sacrifice friends and social interactions for their sport and this is a big reason why national signing day means so much to the athletes. After years of loses, accomplishments, fights, and battles they can finally stand with their future college knowing that they will be set in a career and life. Many people do not have what it takes to stick to such a massive commitment, those who do are rewarded by their efforts and should be celebrated.

All in all, national signing day is one of the biggest days in an athletes life. They have worked unimaginably hard hard to get this point, through all the long hours of hard work, they finally made it to national signing day. Everyone should celebrate these athletes because of all of their hard work and commitment to their sport. Their work ethic is truly unmatched and this is why they made it to this Big Day!

Chloe’s family at the signing on Wednesday.

Without Signing Day, that raw talent would be lost to office jobs lacking creativity and passion; but out there on the field, they can truly show the world what they are made of. Regardless of what sport they have been signed, football, soccer, tennis, baseball, they are going on to bigger and better things.