Marchman Technical College

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Wesley Chapel High School students attended a tour of Marchman Technical College on February 9th. The tour was an opportunity to view the campus, and learn about the different certificate programs they offer. 

Marchman is a Technical College that offers 14  career certificate programs. The college offers Applied Cybersecurity, Automotive Service Technology, Patient Care Technician, HVAC/R, Welding, Cosmetology and many other programs that can be earned quickly.  Their programs can be “completed much faster, and you can enter the workforce quicker by completing a Marchman program instead of pursuing a 4-year degree” said Mrs. Dunn.  This is possible because programs are clock hour programs and take between one and four terms to complete.

Students may start their program in January or August depending on space availability. As a result, students complete their programs at various times throughout the year.  “Students will receive a certificate of program completion from Marchman and may earn industry certifications in their field of study,” said Mrs. Dunn.

Many students are excited to explore other non-traditional college paths.  Elijah Kowenski, explains, “I’m excited to view their campus and see the programs they have to offer.” Bryson Cook agrees,  “It seems like a very interesting endeavor and there’s a lot that it offers along with it being relatively close.” 

During the tour students experienced the hands on learning approach offered by Marchman. The college offers both hands on and in class learning depending on the career that you chose “Students in certain programs may be eligible for work-based training that provides them with an opportunity to learn on the job,” said Ms. Dunn. “Program lengths vary based on the amount of theory and hands on training required to become proficient in a field of study,” said Mrs. Dunn. ” Marchman also offers  placement assistance to prospective students” said Mrs. Dunn.  

Mrs. Faysash stated “after the field trip I think students will have a better understanding of how a trade/technical college differs from a traditional college. Students will get to see a dozen different programs and experience hands-on lessons during the tour.”

In addition to earning a certificate of completion from Marchman students earn industry certifications that inform employers that they are a skilled worker in a field. “I think students will be excited to see the opportunities Marchman offers. Most students think college is the typical bachelor’s degree but earning certifications in tech and trade is a high wage/high demand option” said Mrs.Faysash.

Marchman also has options for financial assistance. Marchman offer federal financial aid to students who qualify. In fact, some students qualify for enough aid to pay for tuition and fees with no out-of-pocket expenses. Again, this depends on the student’s financial background.” The college also accepts Florida Bright Futures scholarships and Florida pre-paid college funds,” said Mrs. Dunn. 

Marchman Technical College started out primarily as a high school in 1983. The school received a post-secondary accreditation in 2007 from the Council on Occupational Education and was approved to offer federal financial aid in 2009. “The college currently serves adults and high school students,” said Mrs. Dunn.



 “If students have any questions they can speak with me, or they can email Mrs. Dunn at Marchman [email protected] said Mrs. Faysash.


                         Mrs. Tonia Shook                                             Director of Marchman Technical College 





Core Values  Of Marchman

Professionalism:  We hold ourselves to a higher standard and are knowledgeable, qualified, and ethical in our work. 

Adaptability:  We change to meet the needs, advancements, skills, and current trends of the community. 

Motivation: We positively inspire and influence. 

Perseverance: We believe we can overcome all obstacles. 

Diversity: We value everyone. 


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