There are a variety of them to look into


College is an aspect of life for high school graduates in the pursuit of knowledge and development of their careers. Unfortunately, due to economical inflation and other relating circumstances, not only is the cost of standard living historically at an all-time high, but the cost of tuition is also absurdly staggering where it hurt’s an individual’s financial state in the short and long term dealing with the stability of their expenses.

This causes people to take out loans and other similar measures in order to pay for their education and slowly over time, the debt accumulated would linger into their ability to stabilize their life and put themselves in position of disadvantage where they seem they’re already behind and limited. This is where scholarships come into play, where many people strive to acquire one to help ease their overwhelming financial situation and make their expenses more affordable and flexible to handle to a significant degree.

While many people are aware of what scholarships are capable of in terms of assisting aid and support, they are uninformed on the various paths and methods to be eligible to receive one andmake assumptions that there’s limited options of scholarships that only consider specific skill bases. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and the system of the types of scholarships helps open the door of opportunities towards people that are under unique circumstances whether it’s their current situation on their background or just simply their talent.

According to the “Guide To Scholarships: How They Work and Ways To Earn Them” Article, the author states, “Students may participate in the group or qualify to apply based on their location, depending on their interests. Scholarships may be given out by charitable groups based on criteria like sexual orientation or homelessness.” (Indeed Editorial Team)
Not every scholarship requires special abilities and skills that an individual must possess but rather help individuals who are under circumstances that make their lives difficult and overwhelming due to various reasons and just in need of a helping hand of assistance.
The article “6 Easy Tips on How to Get a Scholarship for College” states, “While different scholarships will consider a variety of factors, you can usually position yourself for success by maintaining excellent grades, getting involved in extracurricular activities, and developing relationships with teachers, professors, and other people who can speak well of you” (Carolyn Morris).
This is the most prevalent and understood method of obtaining scholarships, which is through academic success and mastery. This requires diligent and consistent effort towards getting grades that resemble excellence and other helpful tips and advice of connections that can greatly boost someone’s chance of getting a scholarship through academics.
In an interview from Efrain Rivera, who is a Faculty Assistant at Wesley Chapel High School, he remarked, “You can get a scholarship through sports as a pro athlete as well as being really academically gifted and talented, which I personally think is easier because the chances are slightly higher and is more achievable.”
Statistics show that in the United States, less than 2 percent of high school students are eligible to earn a scholarship through sports, which may seem improbable, but not impossible to achieve for someone who is worthy to pursue a career path in that direction and another opportunity to earn a scholarship through their own gifted abilities.
A current high school student named Ayden Nicolas says, “Having high test scores in the SAT and/or ACT, as well as having a high GPA is important because the chances of getting an academic scholarship can get very competitive and having the ability to outperform everyone can make you really stand out.”
Marcus Kennedy, who’s also a high school student, stated, “If someone comes from a household that is financially struggling, there’s a good chance that majority of the tuition cost would be exempted.”
These are a few examples of ways people can earn scholarships and regardless of the path chosen, everyone should take advantage of this opportunity and not be afraid to ask for help or go commit to their longing pursuit because the sacrifices and willingness involved will be rewarded into something potentially life changing in the near future.